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21 Most Amazing Castles Around the World

Last updated : Sep 3, 2015

Castles are the epitome of Royalty that is why the castles are few in the world as everyone cannot be special. It is also true that there are many unknown stories and fables are associated with the castles to make them more legendary and with their stories they become more special. There are numerous castles in the world which are known for their beauty and locations but there are few that praised for their astonishment and known for their exclusiveness and uniqueness as they are the classic examples of the life of the ancient era.

Most Amazing Castles Around the World

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

This is a complete castle complex located in the capital city of Czech republic –Prague and the castle is named after the city. The castle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records stating this as the ancient castle of the world with an area of 570 meters long and 130 meters wide. It was built in the 9th century and the castle used to be a seat of power for kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman emperors, and at present the castle is the official residence of the presidents of Czechoslovakia and also houses the Bohemian Crown Jewels which are kept in a hidden room inside the castle.


Photo Credit- mocost

Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

This is one of the unique castles of the world which is located in France and is an island commune. The castle is known for its gorgeous lookouts and located in the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches.  The area of the castle is almost 100 hectares 247 acres and being an island it also has inhabitants that are merely less than 50 in numbers. The castles used to be the seat of the Le Mont-Saint monastery and was built in the 8th century. Visitors in huge numbers visit this island cum castle and this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mont Saint Michel France

Photo Credit- m0ietcesttout

Mont Saint Michel France

Photo Credit- jesperkrogh

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This is a castle which has been fantasized among children for being the “Sleeping Beauty Castle” located in the state of Bavaria of Germany. The castle is also known with the name of New Swanstone Castle" is a castle built in the 19th-century that reminds of the Roman architectural beautybeautifully seated on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria. The castle is made in a very stylish manner and thus people from all over the world come to see this castle in millions to see the glory of the Romanesque Revival architecture.

Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

Photo Credit- poly-image

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland

One of the most beautiful castles of the world the Kilkenny Castle was built in 1195 by William Marshal. The castle is also known as the signature architecture of the medieval era and was specially made to save the city from outer attacks. The castle was predominantly belonged to Marshall and his wife Isabel who was the daughter of Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, and further it was bought by the Butler Dynasty and the last reign of the Butler Dynasty sold the castle to the Irish State and further it opened for public viewing.

Kilkenny Castle Ireland

Photo Credit- diamondace

Conwy Castle, Wales, United Kingdom

Cowny Castle is a castle that belongs to the medieval era and located in Wales was built by Edward I, during his conquest of Wales, and the castle is known for its defensive huge walls. It is said that King Edward spend huge money on its 8 towers which are the epitome of class and the castle is known for attracting tourists from all over the world and people love to see this 13th century castle which is known for its defensive features. The castle is made of limestone and sandstone and thus spreads a distinct beauty.

Conwy Castle Wales

Photo Credit- neil_page

Conwy Castle Wales

Photo Credit- Oneluckyguy

Bodiam Castle, England

This is a castle that was built in 14th century located in England and was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. The purpose of building this castle was to defend the area against French invasion during the Hundred Years’ War. The castle is having many ornamental designs and known to be a soldier’s dream house as it is a perfect creation for defensing from external attacks and that is why it also have a shape of a square and often seen as in a quadrangular shape. With the barbican front the castle is also seen as in an overall octagonal shape.

Bodiam Castle England

Photo Credit- sallypayne

Windsor Castle, England

This is the castle which is popularly known as the official residence of the Royal Family of England and located in the English County of Berkshire. The castle is not only famous for being the residence of the British Royal Family but also known for its beautiful architecture. The castle was built in the 11th century but remodeled in 19th century and also includes the ancient St. George’s Chapel of 15th century and the Windsor castle is noted for its ancient Georgian architecture. It is also noted that more than 500 people work and live in this castle.

Windsor Castle England

Photo Credit- carfull

Windsor Castle England

Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Alcazar of Segovia is an ancient castle located in the Segovia city of Spain. The castle is located between the two rocks with the confluence of two Rivers. The castle is having a shape of a bow of a ship and used to be a fortress and a royal palace and a state prison. But it is currently used as a museum and a military archives building. The castle is an inspiration of the Castle of the Cinderella castle –A Character of Walt Disney. The castle was built in the 12th century and known for its beautiful ornamental architecture.

Alcazar of Segovia

Photo Credit- gerwinfilius

Alcazar of Segovia

Photo Credit- cwkarl

The Swallow’s Nest Castle, Ukraine

This castle is settled on the Crimean Peninsula and known for being one of the incredible castles of the world. The castle was built in Neo Gothic architecture and built between 1911 and 1912 and located overlooking the Black Sea. This castle is known as one of the astonishing castles of the world but it is not huge as compared to other castled of the world as it measures only 20 meters by 10 meters. It is one of the major attractions of Ukraine and is a special one because it is built on the Aurora Cliff.

Swallow's Nest, Gaspra

The Spis Castle, Slovakia

This castle is known as the largest castle of Europe and located in Slovakia. It was counted among UNESCO World Heritage Sites and this is a castle that was built in the 12th century. It used to be the center of administration and culture of the Kingdom of Hungary. The castle suffered fire break down twice but was reconstructed with the time. But with the time it recovered all its damages and is one of the major attractions of Europe and considered an important movie set of the international films.

The Spis Castle Slovakia

Photo Credit- mariejirousek

The Spis Castle Slovakia

Photo Credit- mariejirousek

The Spis Castle Slovakia

Photo Credit- roaming-the-planet

The Chateau de Villandry, France

This is the castle which is known as the most beautiful castles of the world located in France. The castle was originally built in the 14th century and known for its beautiful gardens which are highly acclaimed. The castle houses some of the most beautiful gardens of the world. Majorly it is famous for the Renaissance gardens that includes a water garden, along with decorative flower gardens, and beautiful vegetable gardens. The gardens are made in a decorative out and out formal patterns created with low box evades. And people who visit France never miss to visit this castle.

Photo Credit- <a href="" target="_blank">Jean-Christophe</a>

Photo Credit- Jean-Christophe

Chateau de Villandry, France

Photo Credit- jaaahn

Hohensalzburg Castle, Austria

Hohensalzburg Castle built about over 900 years is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe standing atop a small hill called as Festungsberg in city of Salzburg in Austria. The Castle have number of wings and courtyard which brings forth its own fascinating background information, stories, myths and legends. The Castle is opened from January to April and October to December from 9:30 to 17:00 . Some of the noted must see places in the castle are Salzburg Bull, Golden Hall, Chapel of Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach, Golden Chamber, Bedchamber.


Photo Credit- renedrivers

Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria

Perfectly situated within the Salzsach Valley, draped by low-hanging clouds and a snowy backdrop this castle is 900 years old. This castle is well preserved and has survived numerous attacks and seiges. Take a stroll around the castle and explore the castle chapel, the battlements, the pitch kitchen, the bell tower and the modified rooms of the regents and the armoury and arsenal at the exhibition.

Hohenwerfen Castle

Photo Credit- rev_aviator

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Built after the Norman Conquest, in the town of Alnwick, the Alnwick castle is a very important tourist attraction. The outstanding medieval architecture and luxurious Italianate State Rooms are the most important features of this castle.  It can also be best described as theme park instead of castle as you will never fall short of exciting activities to do. You can do activities like the Dragon Quest ;a mini horror house, the Knight’s Quest ;dress up in period costumes and do fun activities, tours and more.

Alnwick Castle

Photo Credit- smudge9000

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

It is Scotland’s leading tourist attraction, and a key element of the Edinburgh World Heritage Site. Edinburgh Castle dominates Scotland’s capital city from its great rock. Its story has helped shape the nation’s story. The castle has sheltered many Scottish monarchs. Half Moon Battery, royal palace and crown jewels are the major attraction of the castle.


Photo Credit- the-consortium

Balmoral Castle, United Kingdom

The castle is paradise in the Highlands that is set among the magnificent scenery of Royal Deeside. The interior of the castle is most interesting and of course the history that goes with this. The well manicured grounds are perfect for a trail, the wildlife, scenery and architecture are the highlights of the Castle.


Photo Credit- progressionuk

Schwerin Castle, Germany

The castle is an amazing site as it backs up to water and towers over the rest of the city. Set in a romantic location on a small island in Lake Schwerin, Schwerin Castle is one of Europe’s foremost examples of historicist architecture. It is beautiful inside and out. The exterior and grounds are lovely to walk around and the interior of the castle is wonderfully decorated.


Photo Credit- Harald Hoyer


Photo Credit- rannug

Bran Castle, Romania

Famously known as the Dracula Castle, It is the ‘home’ of one of the greatest villains ever to stalk our nightmares. Its setting within the hills and the mountains is amazing and the views you get of the surrounding scenery are well worth seeing. In recent years, the castle – complete with occasional glimpses of bats flying around its ramparts at twilight – has attracted filmmakers looking for a dramatic backdrop for films about Dracula and other horror movies.

Himeji Castle, Japan

This Japanese castle complex is located in  Himeji, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It has a system of 83 buildings with highly developed defensive systems from the feudal period. This castle is a perfect living example of Japanese architecture. Built in 1333, Himeji Castle was once dismantles and reconstructed in 1346 and remodeled again in 1581. It is the largest castle in Japan and has even made to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Photo Credit- legarth

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

Located above the Swabian Alb, this is one of the prettiest castle of Germany. The neo gothic architecture of the castle embraces its beauty further. The highlights of this castle are the first views of the castle perched atop a tree-covered hill and the amazing panorama looking over the surrounding countryside. The castle itself is mainly a fairly modern reconstruction and there is little to see inside, though the main hall and surrounding rooms and pictures are worth seeing and the treasure room is amazing


Photo Credit- playlight55


Photo Credit- sebastienhyette

Powis Castle , Welshpool

Located near the town of Welshpool, in Powys, Mid Wales, Powis castle is a grand mansion, a fortress as well as a castle built in the medieval age. The incredibly proper garden, terraces, parkland, deer park and the amazing landscape attracts a lot of tourist to this historical place.  The tower at the north-east end of the inner ward is probably the oldest part of this castle that was built in the 1200


Photo Credit- Sjwells53

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