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Tahiti or Bora-Bora – Which is a better honeymoon Destination ?

Last updated : Aug 14, 2015

Are You Confused Regarding these Two Destinations : Tahiti or Bora-Bora? Or You Want to Plan Your Honeymoon in One of these beautiful mesmerizing islands.Both these islands are located in French Polynesia. Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward whereas Tahiti is the largest island in the Windward group. Both These Islands offers stunning background and are fully gifted with mother nature in its every nook and corner. Honeymoon in these Polynesian islands is a dreamy vacation which is sure to make your holidays the most memorable one you would ever had!


Tahiti is situated halfway between Los Angeles, California and Sydney, Australia. It is divided into two parts: The larger portion lies in the northwest and is known as Tahiti Nui, whereas the southeastern part is the smaller one and this peninsula is known as Tahiti Iti. Tahiti Nui is features three extinct volcanic mountains including Mount Orohena, Mount Aorai, and Le Diadème.


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Tahiti is known for its lush green landscapes and large gushing waterfalls, shady hiking trails, pleasant beaches and calm waters. It provides the tourists with the opportunity of snorkeling, Jet Skiing and surfing.Teahupo’o is a must visit surfing site for the experienced. Here you get to see one of the world’s most intense waves. For the golfers, Tahiti is a paradise as it is home to Olivier Bréaud Golf Course one of the two golf courses in French Polynesia.


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Heiva I Tahiti, an annual event held in July celebrates the Polynesian culture and dance. In Tahiti you will even find some famous tourist attractions lke house of James Norman Hall, Point Venus, the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands, the Paul Gauguin Museum, and the Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens.


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Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a magnificent island in the South Pacific. There is romance in its very ambience. The lagoon of this lovely island resembles an artist’s palette of blues and greens. The towering Mount Otemanu Lush green tropical slopes, valleys loaded with hibiscus, add to the natural beauty of this island. The beaches are white and sandy and the water glows like emeralds. Luxury resorts, bungalows, hotels and spas can be found everywhere on this island.

Bora Bora Island


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Snorkeling, diving, cruising, fishing, paddle boarding, kite surfing, Jet Skiing, and shark and ray feeding are some of the recreational activities in Bora Bora. You can even visit the main village of Vaitape and shop at the local boutiques. This island often serves as an ideal honeymoon destination for couples.


Bora-Bora Dance

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So, the choice is yours. Whichever of the two you choose will turn into your favorite honeymoon destination. Both are islands with rare and natural beauty. None of them would fail to take you by wonder. So maybe you can choose both of them.


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