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11 World’s Best Destination Every Foodie Couple Must Visit

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

There are only two things in this world a person truly love one is relationships and the other is food. And what do you get when you mix these two? These amazing destinations which are on the radar of every food lover and often on the radar of couples in search of a romantic vacation. There are some of these amazing places which you should visit with your partner in case both of you are food lovers.

11 World's Best Destination For Food Lover Couples

Bordeaux in France

France, the country of lovers is an ideal destination for food lovers as it has some of the best cuisine in the world. Bordeaux is the popular little cousin of Paris which is known for its splendid red wines. You can get all of the best French dishes here to pair with the glass of red wine. Do try the fatty duck confit and, well, also fatty foie gras which are one of the most popular dishes of France. And yes apart from the dishes it also needs to be mentioned that it is home to approximately 7000 million bottles of fine quality wine.


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Bologna in Italy

Italy has long been a place for couples who roam in its streets admiring the architecture and culture of the Italians.And it is also known for its exceptional culinary heritage for the recipes handed down from generations to generations. The city of Bologna is a great culinary destination in Italy the most popular and customary dishes here are Tagliatelle alla Bolognese and a plate of lasagna. Bologna has several cafes and restaurants which dishes out the best of Italian cuisine. So if you are going to Italy, bologna is the place to be.


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Hong Kong in China

Hong Kong is one of the most visited places in Asia and has long been a favorite among food lovers as well as couples. The skyline of Hong Kong is known for its many Michelin start restaurant. The dishes of Hon Kong are a perfect mix of the East and the West. Have some barbeque buns at the Michelin star Tim Ho Wan or taste the exquisite crushing steamed dumplings which are the pride of the east. For drinks one should try the Bloody Kim Jong II made up of Vodka, kimchi and tomato. Mean while the night life of Honk kong is perfect for couples who love to party till the wee hours.

Hong Kong Food

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Barcelona in Spain

The land of the delightful tapas, Barcelona is one amazing place. People visiting Spain should definitely head out to Barcelona for the best culinary experience of the Mediterranean. The sea food available here is one of the best and there are also a number of bars and café for you to relax and chill out with your partner. In the night had out to any of the nice restaurants in the Placa del Santa Maria (El Borne). Do not forget to pair your meal with the Catalan wines better be from the Pirorat and penedes. To enjoy authentic food do not head into the tourist spots rather find some quiet alley which is away from crowd as you will find the food more authentic there.

Barcelona Restaurants

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Paris in France

Paris, the city of love is also a foodie’s ultimate paradise. With a Michelin star restaurant around every corner the streets of Paris are for every couple dreaming of going to the most romantic city in the world. Dine in a restaurant with the views of the beautiful Eiffel tower, or cruise along the seine river sipping a glass of wine. There is so much in Paris for the food lovers. Along with the high end restaurants gorge on some mouth watering street food which is no less than a stuff from a executive chef.

Paris Restaurants

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Bangkok in Thailand

Thai cuisine is popular all over the world due to its curries, soups and the exquisite sea food. Along with the food, bangkok is also a popular destination among couples going on their honeymoon. So it’s a win – win situation for food loving couples. You can have the delightful Thai cuisine while relaxing on one of Thailand’s serene beaches. A warning though, the Thai food is not our usual European and American platter the food here is hot and spicy so before touching anything to your tongue keep that in mind.


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Istanbul in Turkey

Istanbul that lies between the two continents of Asia and Europe is one of the most visited destinations of the world. It is an ideal place which represents the cultural mix from all over the world. The spice market and the tea culture here is worth giving a try. Istanbul is a food over’s paradise as it offers the perfect mix of the East and the west. Here you will find the best Pizzas as well as delicious Kebabs. The mouthwatering dishes of Istanbul will compel you to try each and every restaurant located here.

Istanbul Food

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Marrakesh in Morocco

It is one of those cities which have recently grown into the circle of the food lovers. The city of Marrakesh has its cuisine influenced form the mish mash of French, African and the Middle Eastern cuisine. It offers a large range of mouthwatering dishes. You can gorge into the mouthwatering kefta, and merguez from the food stalls or go to the Bô-Zin outside the city walls which offers a top class authentic Moroccan meal. And the mint tea is here considered as good as a drink s the wine and has a unique method of brewing and serving. Do get a taste of this exquisite drink here.

Marrakesh Food

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Tokyo in Japan

Tokyo is already such an advanced city that it could also be called the city of the future. The streets lined up with hundreds of cherry blossom trees make for a great spectacles in the spring and along with that if you are a lover of the sea food then Japan is the place to be., The restaurants of Tokyo will mesmerize you with the authentic Japanese dishes such as the all popular Sushi or the grilled chicken called yakitori or raw sea food dishes such as Sashimi. Meanwhile do not forget to have a bowl of the delicious ramen noodles with pork at one of the street side stalls and what is a Japanese meal without a sip of the intoxicating Sake.

Tokyo Food

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London in England

The capital of the British, London since long time has been an amalgamation of the people and cultures from around the world which also led a change in the food scene of this beautiful city. There are a number of Michelin star restaurants in London and also the food street here is amazing. You will find authentic cuisine from all parts of the world either it be from Europe, Asia or the Indian Subcontinent the streets of London has everything for everyone.

London Restaurants

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New York in USA

The NYC, world’s biggest belly offers you with such a variety of cuisine that you would be amazed. It is a food lover’s ultimate paradise though we are not sure about its romantic linage still NYC is a perfect place to quench your thirst as well as your hunger. With a number of Michelin star restaurants and chefs and with its famous food trucks the gastronomy scene in America is truly a wonderful mixture. You can have a crude but tasty hamburger on the road side and after few minutes dine at one of the many best restaurants of the world indulging into exquisite delicacies.

New York Food

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