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Most Iconic Destination in Asia

Last updated : May 16, 2016

Asia is a huge continent encompassing a myriad of languages, cultures, religions and traditions to make an intoxicating tourist destination for travelers and honeymooners in particular. Tourists Destinations in Asia offers a great way for travelers to experience and explore stunning tourist places of this spellbinding cultural mosaic.This largest continent of the world has a lot of diversity from the majestic mountains to the dense forests, exotic wildlife to pristine beaches and unique blend of culture, history and architecture legacy. There is an unending list of places to visit in Asia. But here we have narrowed down the top destinations in Asia.
Singapore City

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Singapore is a city State located in South Eastern Part of Asia and known as one of the most visited tourist place in Asia and World. Singapore is a country that is attraction millions of tourists every year because of its sparkling city scape, world-class shopping centers, lavish urban places and energetic nightlife.  It is one of the most vibrant countries of Asia and known for its high sky scrapers and most importantly the best food of Asia is also found here. The country is located in the tip of the Malay Peninsula and has to offer countless activities to its tourists. Being the smallest country of Asia but still Singapore is considered as one of the chief port cities of the continent. Singapore is detached from Malaysia Peninsula and by the Straits of Johor at the northern part, and also from Indonesia’s Riau Islands by the Singapore Strait to the southern part of the city and it has more than 60islets but still the country is highly developed, and very less part of the country has the vegetation residues. The old city of Singapore has been demolished many years back the city has still revamped to be one of the best places in Asia.

Places to Visit in Singapore – People from all over the world come here to see this vibrant city and to enjoy the lifestyle and urbanized colony of the city. People can visit the Sentosa Island and this is a beautiful themed park and here the tourists can get the Mono rails to travel the places. There are numerous places are there in Singapore which are considered as central attractions and among them the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Botanical Gardens, Buddha Tooth and Relic temple, Underwater World where the tourist see the aquatic lives and Buddhist Charms. Singapore is a country where most of the cosmopolitan lives here and that is why the tourists can see the Buddhists temples, Churches, Hindu Temples are also there. But tourists from all over the world visit here to enjoy the best water activities and enjoy the underwater lives and also to see the flora and fauna of the country. RiverSide is a place where the tourists can get the best views of the museums, galleries and bars and restaurants so the majority of the tourists visit this place to enjoy all in an arena.

Things to Do in Singapore – Singapore is a place where the tourists can get the best tourism enjoyment but they are advised to get guided tours especially for the underwater activities such as water sports and the city is also a place where you can have the best food and the tourists can have it all in the various bars and restaurants. Singapore is also known as a huge shopping hub and thus the tourists cannot ignore the vibrant marketplaces and shopping malls from where they an fill up their shopping bags and also the vibrant nightlife of the city is worth mentioning for which the honeymoon couples especially visit the country.

Kuala - Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and one of the happening places of the world and one of the iconic places in Asia. Kuala Lumpur is known as the best destination for the wedded couples as well as tourists of all ages of the world. The city is known for its huge PETRONAS Twin Towers which is the landmark of the city and this is the largest twin buildings of the world makes this is one of the global cities of the world. The city has the most happening shopping destinations and known as the hub for the best nightlife of Asia. The city located at the banks of the Klang River with the beautiful and glorious history of 150 years. The city has established itself to a simple capital of an Asian Country to the most happening destination of the world and as the alpha world city because being as the hub of business, commerce, trade, finance, transport, real estate media and transport. Tourism is one of the significant elements of the growing economy of the country and Kuala Lumpur and make it a world city.

Places to See in Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur is a city of wonderful sightseeing and places of interests and the city is famous for its worldly twin towers which are known as Petronas twin towers and the tourist can visit the greatest shopping centers if China Town which is the place for buying clothes that are handcrafted and the city has more shopping destinations such as Suria Shopping Center but this place is not cheap and mostly visited by the Arabs. More to visit the Merdeka Square where the couples can make visit to see the beautiful architecture very much built in a British style and this is one of the ancient architectures of Malaysia along with the Abdul Samad building. Tourists who visit Kuala Lumpur never miss the Bukit Bintang which is the most happening streets of the city and the street is filled with bars, restaurants, shops and the street in having more than 30000 shops. Kuala Lumpur is also a place  to see beautiful parks and gardens and the Lake Garden is one of the place where beautiful orchid Gardens, Hibiscus Gardens, Bird park and the Butterfly Park is a must visit. Batu caves is a place which counts among the tourist interests.

Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur is a city of biggest shopping destinations and there are various markets there so make sure to use your bargaining skills. There are a number of theme parks are there where the couples can get the best experience of water rides and also can get a chance to play urban sports.In Kuala Lumpur tourists can enjoy the best Malaysian food and make sure that you do not wear much revealing clothes as the country as certain rules as there are number of mosques and temples who will allow covered clothes to respect the esteem of the places.

Varkala Beach

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Kerala – India

Kerala is a state in India but popularly and commonly known as “God’s Own Country”. The state is known for its breathtaking beauty and is also known as a hub of medicinal treatments and therapies. Tourists from all over the world come to Kerala to enjoy the ancient Ayurveda treatment for their ailments and also enjoy the mesmerizing backwaters for which it is famous worldwide. Kerala is located in the southern part of India and it is settled on the Malabar Coast and the Lakshadweep Sea so it ispretty sure that the place is covered with the coconut groves and lovely shorelines and the people are loving and friendly over here. Kerala is also known for its ancient Hindu temples and the valleys of Western Ghats that makes it naturally rich and the tourists will find the natural beauties in abundance and the spice valleys are the main attractions of the state. Among the major cities of the state Alleppey, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Malabar, Travancore and Kottayam are flocked by tourists all over the year.

Places to See in KeralaIt is popular that people from all over the world visit Kerala to see the Munnar hills and backwaters which is actually true there are abundant of sightseeing option that can be seen in the state and among them the capital city of state is really a place to visit for-Thiruvananthapuram is a city of temples , pristine sea beaches. People can also visit forts in Kerala like Bekal Fort which is another prime attraction of the state and also they can visit the city of Kozhikode that was formerly known as Calicut- a place where Vasco Da Gama landed and for the first time when he landed India is known a hub of the major trade centers of the country and not to forget the backwaters which can be enjoyed in the 900 kilometers of water and those can be enjoyed on the houseboats and those provide you an unforgettable experience in the long labyrinth of waters, palm trees, lush greenery and heavenly beauty of Kerala. Kerala is also known for its rich flora and fauna so you can see some exclusive wildlife through Periyar National Tiger Park,Wayanad Reserve, and many others. Among the best beaches of Kerala people can take a visit to the Thirumalla beach, Varkala beach, Kovalam Beach, Kozhikode beach and many others.

Things to Do in Kerala – Kerala is a place of unlimited tourism options so when you visit the various cities make sure to enjoy the spas of the city which are known for their authentic Ayurveda treatment that can rejuvenate your mind and body and also not to forget the spice and the fruit gardens where you will get to see the plants of every spice that only you have found in your kitchen and there are countless things to know. Be a part of the eco-tourism project of Kerala where you can see the best views of the state and can get more mesmerized.


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Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and also the largest city of the country. Bangkok is a city that attracts millions of tourists every year and very obviously it is counted as one of the most iconic places in Asia. Bangkok is known with another name of the “the city that never sleeps” as the city is known for its high energetic nightlife about which majority of the tourist know. Bangkok is settled on the banks of the Chao Praya River and known for being the land of the Ayutthaya Kingdom in the 15th century but the city is one of the most significant cosmopolitan city of the world as there is a combination of Thai, Chinese, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian cultures. Bangkok moved towards the way to the modernization from the 19th century and in a very faster pace it became one of the hottest and happening tourist destinations of the world. The city was also rated amongst World’s Best Cities and with the increasing popularity being the most preferred cities of the world.

Places to See in Bagkok – Bangkok is a huge city and it has many areas and places which are a great destination in itself and among them the Siam Square is one of the best places one can take a trip to. Siam Square which is filled with hotels restaurants and the area is quite lavish. The place is also known as a major shopping destination with the Sky Train. The tourist also take a visit to the Rattanakosin which is known as the Old Bangkok and here the Grand Palace and WatPhraKaew which are amongst main attractions. The tour will be followed by Wat Arun which is also known as the Temple of the Dawn, followed by Wat Pho, home to the world’s largest sprawling Buddha idoland Wat Saket with Wat Traimitthat are the best epitomes of outstanding architecture and peace and spirituality. The tourist who want to escape from the hustle bustles of the city can definitely visit to the Silom where they can visit the Lumphini Park where they can get a serene look of lushness and well craved paths are there to have a walk through the beautiful place. And most importantly the city of Bangkok is known for the infamous sex market and night life.

Things to Do in Bagkok – Bangkok is a city where the tourist can have enough of fun, shopping and entertainment and most importantly people can have the best experience of Thai, Mexican, Italian, French Vietnamese, and Chinese food here like in a very nominal price.  There are many markets from where you can shop in huge numbers but make sure to bargain while shopping on the streets of the city. Tourist should go for the various cruises on the Chao Praya River through boats and ships and Bangkok is also known for its notorious sex streets so make sure you do not be a prey of them and get the best of the enjoyment in a positive way.

Jimbaran Beach in Bali

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Bali is not only a cluster of islands, volcanoes and beaches but a major tourist destination of the world but an island and a province located in the huge country of Indonesia. Bali is also referred to as “Island of Gods” as this is one of the most iconic places in Asia. Bali is also a favorite place amongst the newly wedded couples as the place is having all the enjoying elements that are needed for vacation i.e. sand, seashores, beaches, mountains ranges, wildlife parks, black sand beaches, water sports and many others. Bali is also known for its highly acclaimed sculptures and paintings, leather works, music and metal works. There are various cities in the island which are known for being gorgeous sea and beach resorts and for their tremendous tourism activities and thus the tourist who visit here find unlimited holidaying options to keep them entertained and they can also indulge in various sightseeing and beaches where they can go for kayaking, surfing and white water rafting and many countless games that will suit all the ages.

Places to See in BaliBali is a city where the tourist come to enjoy the beaches and the water activities and there are several options of going for cruises are also available in abundance in Bali. But most importantly and commonly people visit Bali for its exquisite beaches which are known for their heavenly beauties and their exotic locations. People who really want to enjoy the swimming activities and other activities can visit the Jimbaran Bay where the swimmers and tourist are seen in large numbers. People can take a VW Tour which will be a complete tour of the rice paddy fields and the people can take a cruise by them seeing the volcanic sands. More over tourists can also take a horse riding tour by the Saba Table and see the long spread sands or the dried lava. The people who are visiting Bali with their kids can get their best place at Nusa Penida, Padang Bai, Menjangan Island and many other places which are apt for various water sports like surfing, parasailing, etc. People who are visiting Bali cannot complete their trip until and unless they visited the Marine Park and took Bali Cruise to spot the rare and beautiful species and flora all around.

Things to Do in Bali – Bali is an amazing place and couples can arrange their weddings in the beautiful beaches of Bali as the island is famous for arranging fairy tale weddings. Bali is a place where people can take some very nice and relaxing spa treatments and rejuvenating sessions in the salons which are there to redefine the luxurious holidays in the right manner and if the tourists are the couples then they should miss the opportunity. Hot springs are found in abundance amidst the lush backdrops so Bali can be another name to relaxing holidays beside the fun filled and entertaining vacation spot where people visit to see the sun-kissed sands and blue waves.

Imperial Palace,Tokyo

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Tokyo is the capital city of the country of japan and one of the most iconic places in Asia. Tokyo is also referred as alpha+ world city. Tokyo is a city where old meets new i.e. the city is known as one of the most lavish metropolis of the world where as at the same time it has also conserved its ancient cultures very well. Japan is counted among the most powerful nations of the globe and Tokyo makes it to one of the best cities of the world where the Seat of the Emperor of Japan lies. Tokyo is also stated as a technology giant and the electronic mecca of the world. The city is also a home to huge hotels to exclusive shopping destinations to the wildest nightlife in the country. Tokyo has created its own status on the global platform from running the bullet train and being the largest business and trade hub of the nation. Tokyo is a city with the rich history of 500 years and home to lushly gardens and parks that also symbolizes that the city is also concerned with its environmental issues. People really enjoy the various attractions, shopping, night life, food and culture of the city.

Places to See in Tokyo – Tokyo is a city that has everything and people who visit here find lots of things that are astonishing and people can see the Meiji Shrine and this is one of the most visited places of the city. The temples of Asakusa and the gardens of the Imperial palace is places that are worth visiting and the people who are new to the city can get a guided tour to the city. Among the commercial buildings of the city the Tokyo Tower, the World Trade Center Building, Mori Art Museum are the place that are must visits. People can also take a visit to the Roppongi Hills which are serene and can view the entire city from there and most importantly the Disneyland of Tokyo and this is one of the places where kids can have ample of fun. A fun park that is spread accord 11 acres with the best rides and various ports named after the fairy tales. People who are a guest to the city of Tokyo cannot miss to visit Kabukicho which is a street of endless bars, restaurants, shopping destinations, night clubs, lounges and many more.

Things to Do in Tokyo – Tokyo is a massive city and people who are visiting here will find numerous tourism opportunities and fun activities. In the city the tourist love to have the best Japanese food and there are numerous temples where the tourists can have a nice religious visit but they should follow the strict rules of the country while they can go for shopping to the best electronics and antiques from here. The crime fraction is quite low in this city so you can carry cash for your needs and make sure to play safe while visiting the red light streets of Tokyo as it could be dangerous sometimes.

Summer Palace in Beijing

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Beijing is the capital city of China and one of the best and most iconic places in Asia. It is not only the capital city but the cultural and commercial hub of China too. People in this city visit in billons to see the marvelous skyscrapers, high speed rails, highways, architecture, shopping hubs, night clubs, bars , restaurants and sightseeing. Beijing is having anextensiveand rich history that dates back of in 3000 years back with the glory of the Zhou dynasty, Beijing is also stated asthe "Capital of a thousand years" and it is the second largest city after Shanghai and it is the hub of politics and cultures of the nation. The city is well-known for its lavish palaces, temples, gardensand parks, tombs, walls and gates, and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art in China. Among the major ancient structures the city has major architectures and all of them are stated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they are seven in numbers i.e. the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Summer Palace, and the Grand Canal and they are also counted as major tourist sites.

Places to See in Beijing – Beijing is a place of real enjoyment and tourists can enjoy their best moments of holidaying in one of the most lavish city of the world. Tourist can start with the tour of the Forbidden City which is a great attraction of Beijing and also a UNESCO Heritage Site and here tourists can see one of the best preserved and ancient architecture complex that used to be the palace of the Chinese Dynasty which is the Imperial Palace and use to be the home of the Ming and Qing Dynasty. There are more things to explore which is the city which can let the tourist enjoy more and the city of Beijing has more parks and gardens where they can get to see the beauty of nature and among them The Olympic Water Park is the best. There are many temples are located in the city of Beijing and among them the Temple of Heaven which is another World Heritage Site and Temple of Sun and the Temple of Moon are the best places to visit with the Wanshou Temple, Big Bell Temple are more to add. Tourists can visit the National Center for Performing Arts, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, Niujie Mosque, and many others.

Things to Do in Beijing – Beijing is a place where the tourist can see major UNESCO Heritage sites and also can have the best Chinese food here.  There are many places where the tourists can see the wild and rare animals and they can see them in the Beijing Milu Park. Beijing is also a city where tourists can ho for fine hiking trails on the local mountains around the city of Beijing and they can get the best hiking trips and these trips are taken mostly by the couples.

Taipei Skyline in Night

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Taipei- Taiwan

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and also known as the northern Taiwan as it is located in the northern part of the island in a basin between the Yangming Mountains and the Central Mountains.Taipei is also considered as the largest city and also it is known for being the economic, political and cultural hub of the nation. Taipei was found by the Chinese Qing Dynasty and China post war with Japan in the First Sino Japanese War and surrendered Taiwan to the Empire of Japan in the year 1895 Taipei is a beautiful island where tourists can get the beautiful scenes as the city is a beautiful island.Tourists who visit here can feel the liveliness of Taipei, in its various places of interest and there is indeed a difference can be seen here where tourists will find them lost in the beautiful waves of the Tamsui River. The city is a modern metropolis city having a vibrant and glamorous look out.

Places to See in Taipei – Taipei is a city which is also known for its dynamic architecture as there are several European-style buildings that were constructed by the Japanese rulers such as the Presidential Palace and National Taiwan University and many others but Taipei is a city where you can see real sparkles at the Taipei 101 which lights to make your eyes wide open and reflect the sparkle all through as the structure is actually the Taipei International Financial Center and the building is having 101-floor,with 508-meter high and this dynamic skyscraper is located in the Xinyi District of the city and proud to be second tallest skyscraper in the world. More to see the Taipei Art Museum, Taipei Artist Village, Museum of Contemporary Art and among the parks and Gardens tourists go for the Taipei Botanical Garden, Daan Forest Park, 228 Peace Park. Among the temples of Taipei people can watch out for the Longshan Temple, Baoan Temple, Confucius Temple, Xingtian Temples are the most visited places of the city. Taipei is a city where tourist can enjoy the warm and soothing hot springs and the Wulai Hot Springs are the prime place to enjoy the Jacuzzi, sauna and the steam baths. Taipei is a city which is known for its beautiful valleys and people can go for hiking over here and they can also opt for the best Elephant Mountain Trail.

Things to Do in Taipei – Taipei is also known for being a heartthrob for the shopaholics as there are a number of shopping malls and streets to shop for and one of the most popular one is the Shilin Night Market. Not only Shilin Market but Taipei is a city where tourist can enjoy more night markets that are sparkling and attractive and they can fill their shopping bags with a huge variety of items.Taipei is a city where tourists can enjoy the most relishing Chinese cuisines as there are numerous restaurants and tourists can enjoy the best Chinese food at those places.


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Goa- India

Goa is a beautiful state located in the Western Coast of India. Goa is a happening tourist destination of India and one of the most iconic places in Asia. Goa is simply considered as one of the most visited honeymoon destinations of Asia but it used to be a Portuguese colony before and after independence of India till 1961 and that is why Goa can be stated as the hub of Portuguese culture. There are numerous churches, cathedrals can be seen here that are majorly influenced by the Portuguese architecture and as the state is located on the Konkancoast so the state has some very astonishing beautiful beaches and these are the center of attraction and reasons to visit people to Goa. People from all over the world come to see the best scenic beaches where people can get the waves of the Arabian Sea. Goa is considered as the smallest state of India but it is the most visited state in terms of tourism and gets crowded all through the year. Goa is also having UNESCO World Heritage Sites in forms of ancient churches and cathedrals and these are extremely beautiful just like the state. Goa is divided as Old City and the New City and there are distinct beauties to explore here.

Places to See in GoaGoa is having unending places to visit apart from the scenic and mesmerizing beaches. Goa is very much loved by the honeymoon couples due to its romantic weather and the ambience and there are remarkable hotels and resorts to welcome you in this beautiful state of India. Tourists can start their trip from the historical trips that would include the UNESCO World Heritage sites and the churches in Mormugao, The Xavier Centre of Historical Research at Bardezwhere a beautiful Christian Art Gallery can be visited. The capital city of Panaji is a place to explore the best clubs and the best art museums. People cannot afford to miss the beaches of Goa which are considered the heart of the trip and they can visit the Arambol Beach which is rich in natural beauty and they can go for parasailing and paragliding activities out here.Anjuna Beach, Morjim Beach, Ashwem Beach, Palolem Beach are some other spots to enjoy the beaches of the Goa city. But the Calangute Beach is considered the queen of all and holds some pricey resorts too. Among Churches the Bom Jesus Basilica, Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Se Cathedral are the most important to look out for.

Things to Do in Goa – Goa is a place where tourists enjoy their holidays at best and they can also enjoy the best food in the state and among them seafood, wine are the most tasted ones. In Goa people can also shop for handicrafts. Make sure to keep your belongings with you safely as there are many thieves and robbers in the city can catch you and there are many other ways to be safe in the city and do not be more friendly to any unknown people.

Sunset in Philippines

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Philippines is an island country located in the Southeast Asia and often regarded as the land of 7,107 islands. The country is considered as one of the most iconic places in Asia and also stated as the third English speaking country of the world and is having a rich multi-cultural value of American, European and Asian cultures. Philippines is also stated as the seventh-most populated country in Asia and the 12th most populated country in the world and Philippines used to have a unique history as it got a Spanish colonization in the year of 1521but it became an unfortunate era for this island nation and the era was an episode of complete destruction and it demolished the European churches and buildings and the political revolts were continued but Philippines won the fight in the year 1898 and became an official first and the only colony of the United States. Later it developed it as a renowned tourist destination and thus make it great destination for the tourists and the honeymoon couples where they can enjoy in the beaches, and play watersports and also opt for some dynamic cruises of the Pacific Ocean.

Places to See in PhilippinesPhilippines is a nation where the tourists can see a wide number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as they can start off with the Banaue Rice terraces in Batad,Nuestra Señora in Ilocos Sur, San Agustín in Ilocos Norte and Santo Tomás in Iloílo as these are some of the spectacular structures of Baroque architecture and moreover the beaches of the country is the prime attraction as they are extremely beautiful and they can be explored in a nice manner. The tourists can go for playing in the turquoise blue waves of Boracay and El Nido, and can get a nice sun tan at the beaches of Puerto Galera and Pagudpud or if the tourists are looking for some serene locations then they can visit the isolated and scenic beaches of Botolan, Zambales. The tourists can also explore the flora and fauna of the country where they can get to see the rare plant and animal species and among some of the animals the species of rats, bats, and water pigs can be seen here. In Philippines tourists can also attend some very attractive festivals where they can get to see the dynamic culture of the nation.

Things to Do in Philippines – Philippines is a great place to go for scuba diving as the tourists can see the underwater lives and among them the Hawksbill Turtle can be see and there are many options of playing outdoor sports are also there with the country as the tourists can go for diving, board sailing, and also tourist can go to explore some very ancient caves of the Sagada as the nation as some very attractive caves. Tourists can also go for other adventurous trips such as Trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, sea kayaking and many other sports and can also relax in the soothing spas of the country.

Maldives Sunset

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Maldives is a beautiful and astonishing island nation with the archipelago of 1192 coral islands and known as one of the most iconic places in Asia. Being a gorgeous tourist destination the country is located in the Indian Ocean with numerous beach resorts and more than 2,000 islands on it. Maldives has been a hot favorite for the honeymoon couples for the past many years as the country has some very unique beaches to offer that are known for their spellbinding beauty in all around the globe. Maldives is well connected with India with the chain of Lakshadweep which is connected through the Minicoy Island.  The country is also associated with Sri Lanka in its map and also it has some roots connected to India with the Great King Asoka expanded his kingdom to the nation. The capital city of the country is Male and it is also one of the most beautiful marriage and honeymoon destination. Maldives also have the rich history and the cultural dominance of the Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. The climate of the country is really mesmerizing and that is why it became a happening place for the honeymooners.

Places to See in Maldives – Maldives is a place where tourists mostly emphasize on beach activities and visits. The marine ecosystem of the country is really charismatic and tourists love to see the underwater life through the activities of diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Maldives has an uncountable coral reefs and these coral reefs are the best places to see the dolphins, sea turtles and the whales. Maldives is already known as a heaven of diving and among the best locations of the atolls and the islands are the Lhaviyani, Kaafu, and Addu. Moreover tourists can indulge in many other water activities such as kayaking and windsurfing and they also have nice options to indulge in the various beach resorts of the various islands of the country which are there to serve their guests with care and best hospitality.  The capital city of Male is located in the Kaafu atoll and people mostly find their best holiday experience in this city. Male has more tourist attractions compared to the other cities of the country and among them tourist can visit the Hulhumale Island, Sultan Park and National Museum, JumhooreeMaidhaan or the Republic Square and the Friday Mosque. More they can go for shopping in the city in the various markets.

Things to Do in Maldives– Maldives has many atolls and islands but all of them are not accessible and if you are going for any kind of water activity then makes sure to contact the water sports center those are built in many parts of the respective cities and make sure to be safe while going for under water activities as it is advisable to go with the guides to watch the coral reefs and there are many place underneath that could be dangerous for the ignorant and the first timers. Maldives also provide cruises for which you can opt for.

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