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Best Cities to Visit in Italy

Last updated : Oct 12, 2016

Where the ancient still resides and there is some room for the new is this classic country of Italy. A major nation during the ancient time still rules the world when it comes to art, architecture, cuisines and landscape. Italy is home to a number of gorgeous cities that make up for great vacation spots. Your Italy holiday is not complete until you make a visit to these best cities. They boost the timeless beauty of the traditional Italy and cherish the vibrant life of today in a balanced way. So here is a listy of some of the best cities of Italy that you must visit.

Most Famous Cities to Visit in Italy


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Rome is a historical city and one of the most visited cities in Italy. The ruins of the historical monuments, churches, museums and the grandeur of the enormous Colosseum are a few things that you cannot afford to miss. Rome has some of the most delicious pizzas, pasta and gelato to satisfy the foodie inside you.

Venice, Italy

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Venice is listed as a World Heritage Site and is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Italy. The beautiful canals are so enthralling that one wishes to stay here for life. Admire the out of the world art and architecture of this city as you sail through its canals. Boats remain the main source of transportation till day in Venice and take you straight to the past era.

Baleen - Naples

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Naples is an old city found in the 6th and 7th century. It has a very rich cultural heritage. The historic center of Naples has been the by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. The view of the Gulf of Naples is one of the most spectacular things that you get to see in this amazing city. Naples is home to a number of heritage site, museums, cathedrals that makes it one of the best cities to visit in Italy.


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Milan is the city where the old blends perfectly with the new. Admire its grand architecture and enjoy its vibrant city life. Milan is the place where all the art lovers as well as shopaholics must go. It is a great place to visit for couples too as it mesmerizes one with its timeless charm and passion.


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Amalfi Coast

Though the entire country is a place one must visit once on their life time, Amalfi Coast is one city that serves as an inspiration to the romantic minds. The turquoise color of the sea and the blue sky merge at a point to create the most dramatic view of Italy. The beautiful pebbled beaches, the prominent limoncello liqueur, captivating Positano sun set and delicious sea food makes it one of the best cities to visit in Italy.


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No Italy vacation is complete until you take a tour of this artistic city of Florence. The works by Michelangelo and Botticelli are the major attractions of this Italian city. Often called the renaissance capital of the world, Florence is a must visit place for art lovers. Munch on some authentic Tuscan cuisines and admire the impressive skyline of this city.

Mantua in Italy

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Mantua is a picturesque city on Italy. It is surrounded by artificial lakes, built in the 12th century, from three sides. The Palazzo Te, Palazzo Ducale, Basilica of Sant’Andrea, Duomo, Rotonda di San Lorenzo, Bibiena Theater, church of San Sebastiano, Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo degli Uberti, Palazzo d’Arco are some of its most impressive attractions. 

Turin in Italy

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Turin is located on the left bank of the Po River, in front of Susa Valley and surrounded by the western Alpine arch. It has a rich culture and history and has a wide collection of art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, gardens, theatres, libraries, museums and other venues. The renaissance, baroque, rococo, neo-classical, and art nouveau architecture of Turin is widely acclaimed.

Duomo-di-Siena Church

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Siena is another important and old city in Italy. The historic centre of Siena has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. This city is best visited for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice a year.

Pompeii in Itlay

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Pompeii is an ancient town founded in the 6th century BC. This city was destroyed in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The city holds the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of this city are preserved in suburban town of Pompei.

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