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34 World’s Best Beaches For Your Perfect Vacation Heaven

Last updated : Aug 14, 2015

Your Search for Some Top Secluded Beaches Around the World For Honeymoon or Holidays Ends Here !! Beaches are considered as one of the most beautiful and most romantic places to be on earth with hypnotic beauty of nature all around spread a magnetic feel for the spectator. There are uncountable Beautiful Beaches in the world but there are only few Beaches where you must make a visit before you die and these beaches will definitely give you the best memories of fun, natural views and splendid romantic experiences. The coastal scenery of the beaches are photogenic and can attract you to take funny poses, and they can be your ultimate destinations for water sports too.

34 Most Beautiful Beaches Around the World You Must Visit

Oludeniz Beach

Where It IsOludeniz Village, Turkey
Why Should You Go– Because You Can Paraglide over the Sea and its Awesome. It is regarded as one of the best places in the world to paraglide.
Located in Oludeniz Village in Turkey on the Aegean Sea is one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. It is known for its calm waters even during storms and is literally a Dead Sea. The seawater here is beautiful with shades of turquoise and aquamarine.

Oludeniz-Beach in Turkey

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Maldives Beaches

Where It Is – Maldives
Why Should You Go– Maldives is a mesmerizing island with water and water everywhere.
Romantic Maldives Islands you make you crazy for its hypnotic beauty and the tourists can get on with its twenty six atolls which are the best places for the colorful fishes and other marine life as you can get a chance to swim with them. Plenty of water activities to go in the various resorts of KanuHura, SonevaFushi and many others.

Maldives Island

Photo Credit- Mac Qin

Gumbet Beach

Where It Is – Bodrum, Turkey
Why Should You Go– If You are in Turkey Than this Beach is Must to Go Beach.
One of the beautiful beaches of Turkey one can experience the best beach hotels and bars. The Gumbet beach is special for its uncountable bars and restaurants and the tourists can have their best relaxing experience under the colorful umbrellas.

Gumbet Beach Bodrum

Photo Credit- myhsu

Cayo Coco Beach

Where It IsCayo Coco , Cuba
Why Should You Go – Its a perfect beach for romantic couples.
Couples looking for luxurious beach honeymoon should choose Cayo Coco Island and beach in Cuba. The beach is popular for its awesome and most luxurious resorts that can make you feel like the emperor of the world. The white powdery sands of the beaches are enough to make your honeymoon exclusive.

Cayo Coco Beach

Photo Credit- stevieontario

Whitehaven Beach

Where It IsWhitsunday Island, Australia
Why Should You Go – It is known for its white sands and is Queensland’s Cleanest Beach .
The beach of Whitehaven’s it known for its truly hypnotic beauty and its settlement on the Whitsunday National Park and one can really experience the best solitude with their partner in the long stretched coastline of the most beautiful beach of Queensland in Australian continent.

Whitehaven Beach

Photo Credit- Triple L.

Ipanema Beach

Where It IsRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Why Should You Go – Its one of the most amazing beaches of World which is full of life and entertainment.
One cannot forget the urbane beaches of Brazil and Ipanema defines them strongly. The lovely white beaches and the gorgeous city of Io De Janeiro adjacent to the beach makes this place a highly classy and heaven for the people who love to play sports on the beach. Surfing in the turquoise waters is also an added advantage.


Photo Credit- nanjenchan

Matira Beach

Where It IsBora Bora, French Polynesia
Why Should You Go -Lose yourself to the most famous of French Polynesia Beaches
A prevailing beach of Bora Bora which is surrounded by lush greenery and palm hills and can get you the best views of the island and the essence can be felt through the Polynesian Charm all around. From sands to lagoons to snorkeling this is a beach for which you have always looked for.


Photo Credit- pablo_marx

Pampelonne Beach

Where It Is – St Tropez , France
Why Should You Go – Because Its Going to Spoil You with fun and Enjoyment.
This is one way to prove your lavishness to lifestyle as you visit this beach and the beach can be enjoyed with the cheap kiosks, lovely sandy stretches, lavish beach clubs and restaurants to dine on and most importantly a world class beach to be in!

Pampelonne Beach in Saint-Tropez

Photo Credit- rzelazko

Turquoise Bay

Where It IsCape Range National Park , Australia
Why Should You Go – Known as one of Western Australia’s Best beaches.
One can find the turtles, corals, fish, sharks, and crystal clean water in the beach of the Turquoise Bay of Exmouth in Australia. One can get the best location to go for snorkeling apart from watch the massive marine reef and marine life here. The white sandy beaches are also perfect for walking barefoot.


Photo Credit-

Anakena Beach

Where It IsRapa Nui National Park, Chile
Why Should You Go – Because its perfect for Love Holidays.
One can take his or her partner to this beautiful beach of Chile where the couple can get on with the warm water and white powdery sands. The night of this beach becomes more erotic where there are nude parties and you also get to have best sea food too.

Anakena-Beach Chile

Photo Credit- travel_aficionado

Chesterman Beach

Where It IsCanada
Why Should You Go – Because this beach is second name to Luxury.
You cannot miss away the best views of the Chesterman Beach on Pacific Ocean while your Canada visit and there are plenty of options to have fun out here right from kayaking tours to boat cruises and also for serene and quite walks on the sands, to watching the beautiful sunsets so whatever may be your mood you can enjoy it on the Chesterman.

Chesterman-Beach Canada

Photo Credit- Mary

Bondi Beach

Where It IsSydney, New South Wales
Why Should You Go – Amazing Beach With Amazing Views.
There are unlimited ways you can enjoy your vacation in Bondi beach-Sydney. No one can stop you from going to some very wild surfing to Coogee coastal walks to shopping and most importantly to dine on some very authentic Australian Seafood cuisines.


Photo Credit- proimos

Las Salinas Beach

Where It IsIbiza, Spain
Why Should You Go – Because it has Soft sands, clear waters, beautiful people and great beach bars.
This is one of the best beaches of Ibiza an if you are with your loved one or partner then you can visit this place as this can really be one of your matured beach vacations. You can pamper yourself from massage arenas to shop in boutiques, to drive electro-boats and very commonly have ample of fun in the blue waters of Mediterranean.


Photo Credit- splitmilk

Tulum Beach

Where It Is – Tulum, Mexico
Why Should You Go – Because you can enjoy the Ancient ruins along with beach.
The beach is an exclusive visit for those who love to explore the ancient ruins and the sight is just apt for those who want to enjoy the Caribbean waves along with the view of the Mayan ruins and the beach for which people from all over the world come to enjoy their vacations.

Tulum-Beach in Mexico

Photo Credit- ccordova

Elafonisi Beach

Where It IsCrete, Greece
Why Should You Go – One of the best Beaches in Greece,Enjoy the Astonishing Pink Sands Here.
This is one such beach which holds the beautiful pink sands and the visitors can really enjoy their vacations in the Crete Islands of the Mediterranean Sea. People love to spend their holidays while walking on the pink sands and visiting this beauty which is also a protected nature reserve being an island.


Photo Credit- Gerd A.T. Müller

Maya Beach

Where It Is -Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand
Why Should You Go – Because its Isolated and you get the feeling of how beautiful can a beach can be.
The Maya Beach calls you not for the reason it was pictured in a film but for its limestone cliffs on the Koh Phi Phi Leh beach and the serene ambience of the beach will not let you go as you can spend some very romantic and close moments with your loved ones here.

Maya Bay Krabi

Photo Credit- smmohsinnaseem

Boulders Beach

Where It IsCape Town, South Africa
Why Should You Go– You can Swim with Penguins Here.
This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cape Town –South Africa that the people out here come here for some very exclusive experience of walking with the penguins and enjoying the clear waves of the Bay. Boulders Beach is also a significant part of the Table Mountain National Park.


Photo Credit- arminrodler

Assateague Islands

Where It Is – Assateague Island National Seashore, USA
Why Should You Go– Because it has Mesmerizing white beaches and amazing surroundings.
The National seashore of Assateague Island is known for its uncountable ponies and also for the people who are ardent bird watchers. The beach is having white sands that touches the Atlantic Coastlines. The beach is also apt for kayaking, cruises, crabbing and fishing activities which make the visitors keep here for a longer time.


Photo Credit- gemstone

Playa Bollullo

Where It IsPuerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain
Why Should You Go- Beacause it has Stunning Black Sand Beach
Walking on the gorgeous black sands of Playa Bollulo can be one of the best beach vacations of your lifetime. Located in Tenerife of Spain’s canary the beach touches the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is so stunning as the spectator will find no words to describe surrounded by rocky paths and scenic promenades.


Photo Credit- dlato

The Seven Miles Beach

Where It Is – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Why Should You Go– Seven Mile Beach is known for its beauty, recently receiving the honor of “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” from Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.
It is stated as the loveliest beach of the Caribbean Islands and its long curved stretch of the white sandy beaches of the Grand Cayman Island is known for its splendid and breathtaking views. The beach is very common for lavish and luxury holiday makers and scuba divers served by a wide array of superb hotels and resorts.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Photo Credit- msmccarthyphotography

Plat Beach

Where It Is -Croatia
Why Should You GoPerfect Honeymoon Spot in Croatia
The plat beach is basically for the couples as the beach usually provide you the much privacy as well the liberty. The beach is far away quiet and serene and also known as a hub of the naturists, but if you are here with your family members then also you can have a great time.


Photo Credit- nh53

St John’s Trunk Bay

Where It Is – United States Virgin Islands
Why Should You Go– One of the Best Beach of Virgin Islands . It has consistently been voted one of the Ten Best Beaches in The World by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.
You cannot miss the lovely beaches of the St John’s Trunk Bay as it considered one of the most beautiful beach of the world. Located in the Virgin Islands of the United States the white beaches are dramatic and surrounded by palm grooves and makes a great place for snorkeling.


Photo Credit- F Mira

South Beach

Where It IsMiami, USA
Why Should You Go– Best Beach for Partying Party Hard – Its a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels.
This is the beach where you can get ample of options to party and there are some very awesome resorts and clubs where you can go for night beach party. Located in Miami the beach is an excellent place for the honeymooners.


Photo Credit- ijammin

Gardener Bay

Where It IsEspanola Island, Ecuador
Why Should You Go– Because its an island where you can enjoy the beaches with Seals and best of wine in the.
The Gardner Bay of Espanola Island is a real treat to those who want to taste one of the best pieces of life and the beach can be seen with the sunbathing seals, and the winery at the port is a real treat to the life.

Gardner-Bay Española Island

Photo Credit- tim_ellis

Bahamian Islands

Where It IsBahamas
Why Should You Go– These islands are best for Caribbean Holidays
The Bahamian Islands on the serene waters of the Caribbean Sea will let you spend some tranquil moments with your partner or you can go for surfing and scuba diving.


Photo Credit- davidkosmos

Cape Hatteras

Where It Is – North Carolina
Why Should You Go– Its gorgeous National Seashore and the nearest landmass to Bermuda.
This is a long shoreline of undeveloped sea beaches and here the two basins meet so, for sure you will be getting the best experience to play with water and sand. It is also the nearest zone to Bermuda Triangle so it can be one of your thrilling beach trips.


Photo Credit- bryanelkus

Anse Lazio

Where It Is – Praslin Island, Seychelles
Why Should You Go– It has sparkling clear water and pleasing scenery and full of privacy too.
This is considered one of the best beaches of not only of the Seychelles Islands but of the entire world. The crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean bordered by boulders and you cannot take your eyes of the sand and the turquoise waves.


Photo Credit- So Seychelles

Yasawa Islands

Where It IsFiji Island
Why Should You Go– Because it has some of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches of of Fiji Island.
The natural beauty of the beauty is really spellbinding as the spectator can see the golden sun rays falling on the gorgeous beaches of the Yasawa Islands. There are abundant of resorts which can raise the lavishness of your holidays.


Photo Credit- mickitakespictures

Praia do Forte

Where It Is – Bahia, Brazil
Why Should You Go– One of the Plush and Serene beaches in Brazil
A small coastal village of Brazil which is serene but indeed expensive can get you some very special moments where you can find yourself through the lovely backdrop. The beach is actually the one which can be enjoyed as a fishing village cum resort with boat cruises.


Photo Credit-

Punalu’u Beach

Where It Is – Big Island , Hawaii
Why Should You Go– Amazing Hawaiian Beach with fine black sands. Hawaii Islands are just mesmerizing destination and you just don’t get bored how many times you visit it.
While talking about the beaches how we can forget Hawaii as the Punalu’u Beach is one of the best beaches with having black sands and it also holds the resting area for the turtles and the Hawksbill and the beach is also a part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Punalu'u-Beach Hawaii

Photo Credit- edubya

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Where It Is – Bermuda
Why Should You Go– Take a deep breath to the Bermuda Beaches. It has been rated the #8 beach in the world by TripAdvisor.
Bermuda triangle is a name with magnetic mysteries and you can take a trip to the Horseshoe Bay beach which is having a pink sands and crystal blue waters and you can also see the deeper waves which can be the ultimate fun.

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Photo Credit- traverseearth

Main Beach New York

Where It IsNew York
Why Should You Go– Because its one of the most fun filled Beach in Amazing New York
This is a beach which can be enjoyed with your family and the waves will get you the best experiences of an enthralling activity along with the best dining and beach with white sands touching the Atlantic Ocean.


Photo Credit- cgc76

Agonda Beach of Goa

Where It IsGoa, India
Why Should You Go– Because Goa is Fun Capital of India
The beach is mostly for those who want to escape from the loud noises of the towns and want to have a secluded and quiet time with their loved one and this can indeed be found in the beautiful and striking views of the Arabian Sea.

Agonda-Beach Goa

Photo Credit- Silent Voices

Hawaii Islands Beach

Where It Is – Hawaii
Why Should You Go– Because You Cannot get over from the Hawaiian Waipio Valley
The Hawaii Islands are dynamically beautiful and the gorgeous beach is completely covered by black sands which is a great place to see the water and you can get the best backdrop to let you feel the emperor of life.

Hanalei Bay in Hawaii

Photo Credit- Larry Loos


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