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7 Stunning Honeymoon Destination You can Afford in 2016

Last updated : Mar 22, 2016

Whenever you think of your dream honeymoon destination, it is always the pockets that turn your mood off . You may have watched out for many dream places that are nestled in the Europe, or United Stated and you took a back off as you never thought of going there because of the expensive tours and pricey hotel bills. But surely you can pack your bags and get on with the wheels as some really budget honeymoon destinations are really calling you to have an investment of good memories amidst the best natural locations and backdrop by seeing some stunning landscape and gorgeous architectures. You will certainly have a nice tour and collect some of the best reminiscences of your life!

7 Dream Tips you can actually Afford To your Budget

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Photo Credit- ariel atega


One of the best locations of South East Asia and a beautiful place where you can get ample of opportunities to see lushly and picturesque towns. It was the land of the Khmer Empire and there are many other options of Angkor National Park, Beaches, lakes, hill resorts and many others. And Cambodia is a place where you can have lip smacking food in a very pocket friendly price.


Photo Credit-: Timothy Wildey


A gorgeous destination you can actually afford with the ravishing coastlines of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Located in the Central America the country has ample of water activity opportunities and is a dramatic place where you can see the Bay Islands, Coral Reefs UNESCO labelled biosphere reserves. National Parks, rain forests and great beaches to look out for.


Photo Credit-:
Matthew Straubmuller


It is a country which is known as the Tibet of the Americans. The country located in the heart of South America and known for its heartwarming natural beauty with snow capped mountains known as Death Road and lovely mountains are just there for you to have a mountain ride on them, but only if you are an expert. The beer and a wide range of street food cost in the country will really surprise you as it can be found in pennies.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Photo Credit-: Sacha Fernandez


Another gorgeous country in Asia and can certainly impress you with its unspoiled backgrounds and lovely emerald greenery to be enjoyed here. The country is extremely cheap and you can have you best tours here where you can see the highlands of Dalat, the resort capital of Phan Thiet, and nice beaches can be enjoyed at Vinh.

Kovalam Beach

Photo Credit-:
Mehul Antani


Known for being one of the most colorful nations, here you can get all kinds of tours you are looking for. Right from the Royal Tours of Rajasthan to the Spicy, Spa & Backwaters tours of Kerala. India is a place where you can have lip smacking food in every corner of the country that will suit your pocket and refresh your mind. Ample of shopping and outdoor activity option can be enjoyed here.

Kandy Sri Lanka

Photo Credit- jeanlouispotier

Sri Lanka

A very small island country and very affordable for people from all over the world. The country is mentioned in the Hindu Mythological Epic- the Ramayana. The country is covered with greenery and beautiful beaches and one can go for whale watching and water activities like surfing and kite surfing and diving and many other ample of opportunities like hot Air ballooning and many others.


Photo Credit-: Alessandro Grussu


Sounds expensive but really not and one can actually afford the trip of this beautiful country in their limited budgets. The country is having long South Atlantic Ocean coastline and known for its tremendous beautiful backdrop. The capital city of Buenos Aires, San Juan, Salta are some of the main cities to visit.

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