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8 Compelling Reason to Choose Iceland As Your Next Romantic Getaway

Last updated : Apr 28, 2016

There is no dearth of places in the world where you can celebrate your post wedding phase and any place with your sweetheart seems to be out of the world. But what if you get to spend your honeymoon period in a place that is just an off-beat destination that is not only romantic, but also fuels the adrenaline rush? Then Iceland is the idyllic spot for you. Iceland nestled between North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean is a nature lover’s paradise because of its unspoiled and truly surreal landscape that inspires countless artists and photographers. Its remoteness, savage landscapes, icecaps, volcanoes, coasts, wildlife, the gentle friendly people and the vast emptiness all around make it a fantastic travel destination. Every feature of Iceland will take your breath away .There are galore of reasons to plan honeymoon or a romantic trip to Iceland.

Why choose Iceland as romantic getaway?


Photo Credit- mariejirousek

Incredible Glacier & Trekking

Trekking is always a fun activity but it becomes even more interesting when it is done on ice. Get the once in a lifetime opportunity of trekking in the ice. You’ll witness journey to one of the world’s great wildernesses, perhaps the closest thing to the Ice Age. You’ll get to see the real “Ice Land” which was the inspiration for our spectacular countries name, “Iceland”. See the hidden and beautiful blue ice in the heart of the glacier.


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Superb Volcanoes

Surprisingly Iceland is called the land of fire where there are several super active volcanoes. You can hike to a volcano and enjoy the stunning view of the nature. Almost all types of volcanic activity found on earth occur in Iceland and the range of volcanic features is extensive and of great interest to study groups as well as general enthusiasts.

Landmannalaugar in Iceland

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The Colorful Mountains of Landmannalaugar

The pink, green, yellow, purple, black, brown, and white hues provide a spectacular view of the mountains. As soon as you reach there it seems that place is just out of the fairytale book as the colour palette is not the typical one that you see everywhere. .These are the most arresting and unusual vistas you can ever see.

Aurora-Borealis in Iceland

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Magical Aurora Borealis

Catch the mystical green lights dancing in the sky on a cold, clear winter night. While it might be more fun to believe that the northern lights are pure magic. The best time to view the natural sensation is in September and October or March and April, when it most often occurs. Also, if you can, try to see it around midnight, when the lights are said to pass right over observers.

Blue-Lagoon in Iceland

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Epic Blue Lagoon

Soak in the geothermal spa Blue Lagoon and see all your tiredness vanishing away . There is everything to love about the Blue Lagoon , the crystal-blue, geothermal water that hovers between 98 and 102 degrees year-round with views of spectacular, snow-covered lava rocks in every direction. After spending an entire day soaking in the Blue Lagoon, you’ll emerge feeling like a new person and looking like one, too.


Photo Credit – Moyan Brenn

Exciting Road trip to the Golden Circle

Experience some of the picturesque landscapes of Iceland by going on a trip to the Golden Circle. While going to the site you will see the Pingvellir National Park, Geysers at Haukadalur and Gullfoss Waterfall. Golden circle surely displays the incredible beauty of the Iceland .


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Diving the Silfra Fissure

Diving in Iceland is an extraordinary phenomenon.Diving at the Silfra Fissure is often referred to as one of the top 10 dive experiences in the the underwater secrets and experience its unparalleled beauty. The amazingly beautiful underwater landscape add more appeal to your diving experience.


Photo Credit- mariejirousek

Cascading Waterfalls

There’s something instinctively exciting about confronting a waterfall cascading down from a height: you stand on the edge, hesitating, taking baby steps, before finally taking a deep breath and immersing yourself under the torrent. There’s a huge variety of waterfalls in Iceland. Some of the waterfalls are enormous and powerful like Seljalandsfoss waterfall , others smaller, but they’re all magnificent.

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