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16 Most Beautiful Towns in World

Last updated : Sep 29, 2015

There are numerous beautiful towns in the world that are known for their exclusiveness, peace, beauty and charm. The heart that wanders all around sometimes find solace in the lap of the wonderful areas of small towns. A small town can be in the foothills of the mountains or can be settled on the shorelines of the sea or a river. Whatever be the place the significance of a small town can deliver the peaceful atmosphere and the serenity that anyone will love to get and most importantly the small towns possess a friendly atmosphere and lovely people to get on with and the tourists who visit here feel more nostalgic as they find a home away from their home with the lovely backdrop to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility.

Most Picturesque Town in The World

Alberobello in Itlay

Photo Credit- loloieg

Alberobello, Italy

This is a beautiful small town which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the beauty of this town is just impeccable and cannot be expressed through words. The town has merely about 11,000 people and is popular for its exclusive prehistoric Trulli buildings which are stunning.

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Qaqortoq in Greenland

Photo Credit- jtstewart

Qaqortoq, Greenland

This is one of the most beautiful town which is no less than a color box and the houses of the town is the prime attraction as one can enjoy the colorful ambience which can get you beautiful ambience and with the population of 3000 people the town is a definite treat.

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Shirakawa in Japan

Photo Credit- freakland

Shirakawa-go, Japan

A gorgeous small town of the volcanic and the island country of Japan where you can see some of the stunning a lush background and the sloping houses and the backdrop will let your mind go lost in the lovely rural of the pastoral mountain town.

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Monsanto, Portugal

Photo Credit-

Monsanto, Portugal

Monsanto a beautiful small town in Country of Portugal has a stunning rural backdrop and has only 828 inhabitants. The town is known for its amazing granite houses and lovely ambience where you will love to spend some very private moments with the surroundings of mountain Monsanto.

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Hoi An , Vietnam

Photo Credit- christinechauvin

Hoi An, Vietnam

The town with the lovely lanterns and nestled on the shores of South China Sea. The rich culture, friendly people and the serene atmosphere where you can go for silent boat cruises, altogether the town is a must visit for all.

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Colmar in France

Photo Credit –

Colmar, France

One of the most picturesque towns of Europe and also of the world. The city is an awesome land to see the best German and French architecture and also the place to see the colorful and spiritual culture of the country. Colmar is also famous for its architectural heritage where structures of 17th and 18th century can be seen.

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Photo Credit- christoph_straessler

Reine, Norway

Among one of the most beautiful towns in the world , Reine with the population of only 329 is a gorgeous place settled on the shorelines of Arctic Ocean. It is actually a small fishing village with picturesque backdrop and settled on the island of Moskenesøya. The coastal views are just awesome and you can go for boat cruises.

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Photo Credit- nukamari

Juzcar, Spain

A small town of the state of Andalusia in Spain which is more called as one of the White Towns of Andalusia as the houses are traditionally whitewashed but after the Smurfs movie all of the houses were painted blue and attracted more tourists.

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Photo Credit- albertocarrasco

Manarola, Italy

Known as the town with rainbow colors and also among the famous Cinque Terre towns and nestled on one of the huge stones on the Mediterranean Coast. This is a small fishing village which is also known for its wines and the best part of the town is that its traffic free.

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Photo Credit- Jerzy Strzelecki

CeskyKrumlov, Czech Republic

A town with a typical look of the fairy tale feel and one of the best looking towns of Czech Republic. The town is also stated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seen with the beautiful cobblestoned streets and designated as one of the finest medieval cities.

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Photo Credit- stephen-oung

Goreme, Turkey

A serene and simple small town of Turkey with a population of 2500 people and loved for its golden lunarscapes and known for its rock churches since Roman era and also for its rock chimneys and pigeon houses that are finely carved from rocks. You will also have the ample of hiking options and romantic sunset views with your partner.

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Photo Credit- Steve Slater

Bibury, England

Located at the banks of the River Thames the beautiful town is known for its stone cottages that more look like the fairy take pictures of Hansel and Gretel. The town is often called as the most beautiful village of England recognized for its 17th century sloped stone cottages.

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Photo Credit- Daniel Mennerich

Bruges, Belgium

One of the photogenic towns of Belgium known for its massive canal that flows in the mid-city and also stated as the loveliest towns of Europe. The city has some lego like houses which are the best feature of the city and known to be the historical city with the brand of UNESCO Heritage Site.

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Pucisca, Croatia

A beautiful town of Croatia located in the Dalmatian coast and the city has the best tourism essentials and the town is a must visit for you to see its lovely backdrop and considered as one of the hidden gems of Europe. With merely a population of 1700 the city located on the island of Brac with the lush vegetation of olive, figs and vine.

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Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

A place where you can get tranquility and natural beauty at the same time as the town is located on the gorgeous blue and golden sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The city has some spell binding beauty where you can find romance and fun in the seashores. One of the best vacation and quiet visit of Brazil can be experienced.

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Photo Credit- tambako

Arosa, Switzerland

You can praise your luck if you visit this beautiful town in the world and that is why Arosa is known as the paradise for all over the year. You can visit this town at any time of the year and known as the hub of skiing and lovely emerald green backdrop which more looks like a postcard photo. You can feel the lovely ambiance and the best tourism essentials.

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