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10 Most Romantic Places Around The World To Watch Sunset

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Watching a Sunset or Sunrise is an amazing experience in its own way, and if you are watching with you loved one than it would be the most amazing thing you would have seen. There are number of places from where you can watch beautiful sunsets. The view of sunset , deep orange color all over the sky is a mesmerizing view. Following are the greatest places known for beautiful sunsets.

List of Places Best Known For Watching Sunset

Santorini in Greece

The most famous place in the world to watch sunset, the Island of Santorini located in Greece is made-up on the remains of what used to be a volcano. The white buildings shining with the hues of blue and orange at the sunset presents the most spectacular view of sun setting the human eyes can witness. Enjoy the sunset with your partner over a glass of wine at any of the rooftop restaurants in Santorini.

Sunset in Santorini

Photo Credit- Pedro Szekely

Uluru in Australia

The Mountain that stands in the middle of nowhere looks like a giant piece of rock casting its shadow upon the Narran landscape. The visitors can see the rock’s light show cascades through otherworldly reds, oranges, yellows and pinks, reflecting the clouds and sky above. Surely it stands true to its title of “heart of Australia”. Steal a moment together in this vast expanse of beauty and serenity.

Sunset in Uluru

Photo Credit- DGriebeling

Maui in Hawaii

There is not one place to watch the sun set at Maui, wherever you go the lights of the setting sun will shine your path with the hues of orange and red. Grab a beer while walking on the beach towards the horizon. The view of the sand, the water and the sky will be etched in your mind forever.

Maui Sunset

Photo Credit- belindah

Angor Wat in Cambodia

The temples of Angor wat reflect the sunrays into different hues and patterns. There are more than 30 vantage points to view the sunset, from hill tops to the Gondola rides you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the top of the temples tearing up the sky and casting there shadows upon the ground.

Angkor Wat Cambodia

Photo Credit- ariel atega

Stonehenge in England

One of the most visited places to watch the sunset, the Stonehenge located in England have mysterious origins. On certain days like the solicit and equinoxes the shadows cast a unique pattern that will make you wonder that the magnificence of our ancestors when modern-day Druids, Pagans and visitors pack in to witness what the ancients saw thousands of years ago.

Stonehenge Sunset

Photo Credit- Stonehenge Stone Circle

Taj Mahal in India

The symbol of love all over the world, Taj mahal is one of the most beautiful monument ever build by the hands of the mankind. The place looks beautiful at the sunset as its white marbled façade shines in the colors of the sun shining in bright yellow, and orange. This is indeed one of the most romantic sunsets you would ever witness.

Taj Mahal Sunset

Photo Credit- ptwo

Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon is known for its sheer size and magnificence and when the sun sets down here it takes away with it all the grandeur but not before allowing us to witness one of the best show of the magic the Sun’s light can create. The deep Georges fill with the sun’s light and at some places appear stark as if night has already fallen upon them. The sunset is the best time to witness the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

Photo Credit- Moyan Brenn

Mount Bromo in Indonesia

This huge volcano on the island makes for an incredible setting in which to watch as the sun falls below the horizon. Although you cannot go to the volcano but even from far you can see the grandeur and the beauty of the volcanic mount shining in the lights of the Fire god as we sometimes call the Sun.

Mount Bromo

Photo Credit- Prianto Puji Anggriawan

Maldives Islands

There is not any place in the whole island from where you can’t witness a spectacular sunset. Surrounded by sea from all the sides the Maldives offers you the most romantic getaway and lets you witness this celestial event in its full glory. When the color of the sand changes from white to orange it’s the time you look into the horizon and watch the sun set in its full glory.

Maldives Sunset

Photo Credit- Sarah Ackerman

Bora Bora in Tahiti

The island of Bora Bora is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations the world and arguably they deserve this title. Apart from the emerald water of the ocean and the pearl colored sand the sunset at the island takes romance to a whole new level. Witness the world around you changes its color in an unbelievable manner all this while you hold the hands of your significant other.

Bora Bora Sunset

Photo Credit- Arnie Papp

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