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8 True Love Tests to Check If Your Partner Really Loves You

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Many of the couples tend to ask themself as if this is the love they were waiting for or is this a true love ? Ever wanted to know that the feeling that surround you these days are of love or something else? At time it might just be an infatuation or just a crush, but maybe you are seriously in love. You keep thinking of that one person for days or you make up excuses to meet them or just have a look from the. These things may sound silly but are actually true for those in love. But before you take any further step in your relationship just ask yourself these questions to find out how true your love is.

True Love Tests to Check Your Partners Love

One and Only One

If you are truly in love with them, you think about you partner happiness and care for him/her. You are to some extend obsessed with them. But if it is an infatuation then you might even be interested in other people at the same time.


Knowing More

Are you trying to know them more and more about your partner? And are they trying to gain more knowledge about you? If yes then you both are in love. When you love someone so dearly, you try to find out everything about them their likes their dislikes and so on.

Solving the Problem

If there is a problem you are facing in your relationship, then both of you will sit together and solve it with patience and calmness. But if you are trying to escape that thing or ignore those issues, then probably it is not you partner is making excuses and its not the perfect one for you who tend to leave you alone in a problem.

Forgive and Forget

Any mistake committed by your partner is forgiven by you. You don’t keep nagging them. In a relationship where people love each other, they forgive and move forward instead of holding to their grudge. This is the best quality in a relationship, since holding by a mistake for which you partner is sorry for makes relationships degrades and eventually it fails.

Distant Relationships

When you are in love distance brings you closer. You try to cope up with long distances and that makes you stronger. But if you are not trying to cope with the disadvantages of a long distance relationship and always feel like giving it up, then this is not true love for you.

Ever Sacrificing

You often sacrifice thing to bring a smile on the face of your beloved. It maybe a small thing or a big one, you don’t care much till it makes them happy. Same is with you partner. Even they will make sacrifices for you at times.

Always Present

Your companion is always there for you in every situation. Good or bad, you always have is /her support. Same is the case with you. You focus all your attention to them whenever they need you. If your partner be at you side in every happiness and sad part of you life than this one is the one you should hold on to.

Respect for Each Other

People change from time to time, but what remains intact is their respect for you and yours for them. It is a very important part of every couple’s life. If You know how to respect each other then seriously is true love.


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