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Best Couples Backpacking Destinations in Asia

Last updated : Nov 18, 2015

Travelling the world is everyone’s dream. Things get a little less sophisticated for travelers if you are a backpacker. All you need is your knapsack along with some money to travel. It’s an easier and more adventurous way of travelling. Lucky are those who have a partner who thinks the same. If you and your partner are a travel freak then pick up your backpack and leave for an Asian tour. This large continent has a number of tourist places that backpackers like you would love. So get ready to explore.

Most Firendly Backpacking Destination in Asia

1.. Luang Prabang, Laos


Photo Credit- saipal

This World Heritage Site is a beautiful mixture of history, art, architecture and culture. Situated between the junctions of two rivers, Luang Prabang is home to a number of well preserved Buddhist temples, museums. You will also love the variety of Lao, Tai-Lue, Burmese, Chinese and Taui architecture Night Market. The amazing textile and mulberry paper will impress you the most.

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2.. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Photo Credit- gumuz

Angkor Wat is one of the finest and the best temple complexes in the world. Dating back to 12th century, this is another UNESCO declared World Heritage Site. It is the largest active religious building in the world. Though when built it was dedicated to Vishnu, it is now a Buddhist temple.

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3.. Bangkok, Thailand


Photo Credit- killerturnip

Bangkok is on the list of all those planning a low expense vacation. Lots of street food to gorge on and a number of local handicraft shops for all those shopaholics along with a bustling night life takes you to the perfect holiday mood. For a peaceful retreat visit one of the Buddhist Temples. The serene ambience of Wat Pho will make your trip a relaxing one.

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4.. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Photo Credit- pjfncs27

For a cosmopolitan tour Kuala Lampur is a wonderful option. It is a perfect place for those looking for some great shopping option as well as for lovers of art and architecture. Too many towering buildings, colonial style architecture, and abundant greenery of Kuala Lampur will make you fall in love with itself.

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5.. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Cat Ba Island

Photo Credit- warzauwynn

This fantastic limestone island is well known for is beaches, mangrove forest, ocean and stony mountains. This island will enchant you with its beauty and wonder. It is home to some of the rarest as well as endangered species of flora and fauna. Indulge in some adventure activities like kayaking or hiking or rock climbing while you are staying on this terrific island.

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6.. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong

Photo Credit- Mike Behnken

Victoria Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum and Ocean Park are the major attractions of Hong Kong. Apart from these this city give you the opportunity to taste some of the finest and authentic Chinese cuisines like dim sum, sea food, Chinese barbeque, etc.

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7.. Bali, Indonesia


Photo Credit- Jeffri Jaffar

Bali is one of the prime tourist destinations of Asia. The vast stretch of water, luxurious resorts, multihued culture, and unique art always attracts tourists from across the globe. The beautiful beaches of this island will astound you to a great extend.

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8.. Yangon, Burma


Photo Credit- slapers

Yangon or Rangoon is home to 2500 year old Buddhist shrine of Shwedagon Pagoda, Aung San Suu Kyi’s house and the national museum. These places are the highlights of this city. For a peaceful surrounding visit the unexploited beach at nearby Ngwe Saung and relax by its shore.

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9.. Goa, India


Photo Credit- eustaquio

Goa is the hippie state of India and is perfect for backpackers. The large number of beaches, endless water bodies, tall palm trees, tropical surroundings makes Goa a top rated tourist destination in India. There are some cheap accommodation facilities that will suit the backpackers, but if you want to have a luxurious vacation then book yourself a comfortable and deluxe resort.

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10.. Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo Credit- mikebehnken

Nepal is a tiny country in Asia that takes you to the tallest peaks of the Himalayas. So if you are planning a trekking expedition then choose Nepal as your next holiday spot. The tall mountains, chilled wind and freezing weather give you an experience of a life time that you will always cherish.

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