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7 World’s Most Exotic Islands That Will Make Your Honeymoon A Fairytale

Last updated : Mar 9, 2016

Marriage brings happiness in one’s life but what comes along with it is the tiredness. The celebration and grandeur of marriage leaves both of you tired. Couples find it difficult to take out some quality time for each other .So honeymoon is the best way to escape from all the worries and spend some time together in each other’s company. Islands are the perfect getaway for this season. Secluded beaches finely grained white sands and crystal clear waters make for a soothing environment. Couples can enjoy sun and bath at some most exotic islands of the world or can enjoy the most romantic sunsets of life. These top islands are known for their beauty, beaches and natural surroundings which add a touch of romance in honeymoon holidays.

Skiathos and Sporades, Greece

If you are in search of glorious beaches then this place is a paradise on the earth. The most picturesque island of the world offers you more than 60 beaches which attract millions of visitors of every year. Even though a lot of visitors mark their presence here every year but still the beauty of the island is unspoilt. During day time relax at the beach and at night enjoy the bustling nightlife away from the crowd of the city. Buzzing bars and clubs keep youngsters rocking through the night and until the early morning.


Photo Credit- venetiakoussia

Santorini and Cyclades, Greece

These are true gems when it comes to island. These are beautiful and vibrant in every possible way. Dramatic views, gorgeous sunsets, white washed houses and blue boomed churches that are spilled along the rocks make this place even more ravishing and irrestible. The islands seem to come out of a marvelous painting .Kissing beneath the sunset in Santorini is the most romantic experiences one can ever have.

Sunset in Santorini

Photo Credit- Pedro Szekely

Menorca, Spain

The glistening sands, turquoise water and unspoilt beauty are few cliché adjectives that can describe this stunning island. In fact no words can best describe the beauty of the island. Minorca has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation and a wealth of flora, fauna and landscapes. The gentle landscape of the site allows you to take the pleasure of walking, cycling or riding. Outings on foot, by bike or on horseback, on the marked trails and routes, are a good way to get to know these beautiful surroundings.


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Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay is a stunning, picture perfect tropical island. The Island with its powdery white sand beaches is so bright that it almost appears to shine, especially when the sun’s rays are reflected on the sand in the morning. Don’t miss windsurfing at the Bolabog Beach.


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British Virgin Islands

This site is a mecca for beach fanatics. The beaches are not at all crowded so you will not have complaint that usually travellers have. The most renowned attractions are The Baths, the area makes for unique swimming and snorkeling, but the coolest part is the trail through the ‘Caves’ to Devil’sBay.


Photo Credit- Collin Erickson

Palawan, Philippines

Heralded as 7 new wonder of nature , Palawan is a the most beautiful island of the world . Most beautiful is the underrated to describe this hidden paradise. There, beautiful blue water mixes with emerald green jungle filled mountains that appear to rise up from the ocean, and small fishing villages dot the island. High points include island-hopping around the Bacuit archipelago for the cliffs, sinkholes and lagoons and venturing to Puerto Princesa.


Photo Credit- Rollan Budi

St. Tropez, France

This is the liveliest town of the France. During scorching summers this place is delight where you can beat the heat. The newlywed can ditch the fanfare and opt to spend some alone time on its beaches, which are beautiful and relaxing. If you want a place with exciting nightlife and a posh luxurious ambience, this is a perfect place for you.


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