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Offbeat Wonders of World For Honeymoon

Last updated : Sep 14, 2015

A globe trotter always wants something new to satisfy his wanderlust and to fill his bag full of memories that he will treasure all his life. So his honeymoon would have to be an exceptional one, away from the usual honeymoon destinations. The world is full of wonders where you can head for your honeymoon. Pack your bags and find some beautiful place to get lost in these wonders.

Totally Offbeat & Exceptional Wonders of World For Honeymoon


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1.. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This underwater garden is one of the natural wonders of the world. Frantically colored plants and animals will be your next best companion, but only after your beloved. Dive in its water and experience its magic and you will surely come to know why it is called a wonder.

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Sapa, Vietnam

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2.. Sapa, Vietnam

If you want to escape to a location where you are completely surrounded by mountains and cascading rice terraces that are overlooking the blue sky, then this hill town is a must for you. While adoring the beauty of these high mountains you and your partner can also enjoy hiking at Sapa.

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Sunset in Uluru

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3.. Uluru, Australia

To experience something that is different from cookie cutter honeymoons then you must visit Uluru. It is the most unusual wonder of the world. This unique desert landscape is a heavenly place for stargazing. Just sit back and delve deeper into the secrets of the sky.

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4.. Queenstown, New Zealand

A small town that is definitely ranks high on the fun factor. Global adventure capital is waiting for you to quench your adrenaline thirst. Queenstown offers you the trip of a lifetime for those who are not scared to shed their inhibitions away.

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Prince Edward Island

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5.. Prince Edward Island, Canada

Stunning beaches, seaside villages, tidy farmhouses and golf are making this place an ideal getaway after your wedding. During morning, take a long stroll near seaside villages, at day time beat the heat at the beaches, at evening pass your time by playing golf and at night eat scrumptious food at farmhouses.

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Niagara Falls

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6.. Niagara Falls, Canada

The three falls add sparks to your love life. The surreal water rushing into the river bed never fails to awe you. In fact, one of the falls has been named as Bridal Veil that is highly famous among the newlyweds. Do not miss the light show on the night that illuminates both the sides of the falls.

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7.. Jeju Island, South Korea

Located on the southern coast of South Korea, Jeju Island is known as the island of gods. Stated as the world new natural wonder Jeju will leave you surprised with its volcanoes, beautiful beaches, splendid architecture and ancient culture.

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Grand Canyon

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8.. Grand Canyon, Arizona

UNESCO world treasure is a good place to ignite the love between you. Experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise at the Grand Canyon that would leave you wondering about the sheer beauty of the nature. Go for hiking, camping and rafting at the site.

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9.. Zaragoza, Spain

It is a vibrant, beautiful and lively city located on the banks of the river Rio Ebro. Impressive landscapes would make you fall in love with the beauty of this place.

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Cinque Terre

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10.. Cinque Terre, Italy

The literal meaning of this place is Five Lands. The combination of five beautiful lands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a scenic look of the city by riding on a boat or take a long stroll on the main coastal paths.

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