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Emu Park Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Emu Park: Snapshot

Best time to visit Emu Park:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,

Emu Park romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Evolving, Heritage, Lake, Peaceful, Secluded,

Emu Park is a town located in the province of Queensland in Australia. The town is located on the Capricorn Coast with a population of twenty five hundred people. The town is a home of the famous Singing Ship Monument, and the town of the Emu Park was first discovered by Captain James Cook who also discovered Cook town. It is based on the islands of Keppel Bay, which includes the Great Keppel Island. Emu Park is a major tourist destination of the people of Australia, and has won several tourism awards, and the city is also famous for various adventurous sports such as surfing, boating, fishing and exploring the pristine beaches of the city.

The City is beautifully located with the in-built seaside holiday resorts with the backdrop of mighty hills watching the two beautiful beaches such as Fisherman’s Beach and Pine Beach which are the pride of the town.

Emu Park as Honeymoon Destinations (Romantic Getaway)

Among the Emu Park romantic places the couples can have a great time in the city of Emu Park the couples can have a great time in the beaches as Emu Park has two main beaches of Pine Beach and Fisherman Beach.Beside visiting the beaches the couples can visit the Koorana Crocodile Farm which is a commercially operated crocodile farm and restaurant and here the couples can have crocodile meat and the dishes are relishing. And the couples can also shop for various items made with crocodile skin. In the city of Emu Park the couples should make a visit to the Capricorn Coast National Park where they will be able o spot lush greenery and dry rainforest among the dense mangroves and they can go for bush walks and watch the sea turtles from the high cliffs and have a nice experience.

Why Visit Emu Park as Romantic Getaways?

  • In Emu Park romantic gateway the couples can have a great in the Man and Wife Diving area which is actually made for the love couples. Located in the Islands on the Great Barrier Reef, and the place is a beautiful plateau which is full of rich coral reef with extensive varieties of hard and soft corals.
  • Couples can dive deep and see a number of sea anemones clown fish, and large collection of pelagic fish can be seen too. There is also an area where large, sea snakes and wobbegong sharks can be seen.

Best Time to Visit Emu Park

The city of Emu Park experiences warm humid temperature climate all the year.The best time to visit Emu Park City would be all through the year.

Best Season: All through the year
Summers: December- March
Winters: May-August
Monsoons: All through the year

Singing Ship in Emu Park

Singing Ship in Emu Park

Singing Ship in Emu Park by philny

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