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Great Keppel Island Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Great Keppel Island: Snapshot

Best time to visit Great Keppel Island:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,

Great Keppel Island romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Island, Lake, Peaceful, Shopping, Water Sports, Wildlife,

Great Keppel Island is an island on the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland in Australia. The island is famous for its natural and divine surrounding and considered a great honeymoon destinations. The island is having a resort which is known as the Great Keppel Island Resort is the most important place to spend holidays on the island which is served with great restaurant, bars, night club, several pools, spas, and the tourist can also get support if they want to go for snorkeling, skydiving,or want to play land games such as tennis, golf, and go camel rides too.

Among the Great Keppel Island romantic places the couples can have a great time in the island and beaches of Great Keppel Island as the island boasts seventeen white sand beaches which are apt for swimming, diving and snorkeling and other water activities.

Great Keppel Island as Honeymoon Destinations (Romantic Getaways)

The couples can go for bush walking in the island’s forests where they can explore rich diversity of flora and fauna and a rich Aboriginal heritage. Among various other activities the couples can go for kayaking, coral viewing and enjoy the variety of water sports that are available.The resort of Keppel Island offers great facilities to their tourists with numerous lodging facilities and various cafeterias. The waters around the island are safe for swimming and couples can visit the long beach with coral all around. The island’s crystal clear tropical waters are filled with vivid and sparkling fish, other marine life and corals. Couples who are looking for best snorkeling experience can visit he are Clam Bay, Monkey Point and Shelving Beach, which will provide them the best experience of the activity.

Why Visit Great Keppel Island as Romantic Getaways?

  • In Great Keppel Island romantic gateway the couples can have a great trip here as the couples can have a romantic can sail the Keppel Islands on a luxury catamaran cruise – or they can make their own holiday plans in a private plain boat charter which is enough to provide the best deserved moments.
  • During the Great Keppel Island romantic places the couples can visit the Great Keppel Island’s very own runway, which is an inspiring trip over crystal blue waters and pure white beaches and the couples will get a romantic escape on the white sands and turquoise waves flying on each other arms.

Best Time to Visit Great Keppel Island

The island of Great Keppel Island experiences Warm humid temperature climate all the year.The best time to visit Great Keppel Island City would be all through the year.

Best Season: All through the year
Summers: November- March
Winters: May-August
Monsoons: All through the year

Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island by Ib Aarmo

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