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Gulmarg: Snapshot

Best time to visit Gulmarg:
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October,

Gulmarg romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Hill Station, Lake, Peaceful, Popular, Skiing, Trekking, Water Sports,

Gulmarg, blessed with nature- the magical meadows and the snow capped mountains, is a majestic hill station in northern India with picturesque surroundings, beautiful gardens with mind blowing flowers and fragrance. This tourist destination is attracting millions of tourists throughout its existence with the scenic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains in the back drop. Visitors can enjoy horse Riding and can go riding to the magnificent “Strawberry Valley” , Leopards Valley and ride up to “Kongdori” to see the frozen lake of “Al- Pathar”.Today the place has been famous for the different adventure activities and gives a fabulous background to many Bollywood movies. In Winters, Gulmarg is a brilliant experience, fully covered in a white blanket of Snow which turns it into a skiers paradise. Mother Nature has blessed the regions of Gulmarg with all its showers of beauty and the tranquil atmosphere available presently in this region makes it a best tourist destination to ask you for a visit.

Honeymoon is an opportunity to skip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some quality time with your better half. This is the time for two of you to mix well and know each others likes and dislikes, plan for your future and enjoy each others company. And, when we are talking about romantic destinations in India, Gulmarg comes first in mind.

Gulmarg as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Gulmarg literally means meadow of flowers. Nestled with stunning peaks in the Himalayan ranges, Gulmarg is a spectacular spot attracting especially couples with its lush green backdrop, beautiful landscapes, flowering gardens, serene lakes and pleasant climate during the summers and falls.And if you are fond of sports activities, Gulmarg is famous for its highest green golf course in the world. While the main reason to come here, at least in winter, is the off-piste, deep-powder, long-run, skiing and snowboarding.

Gulmarg’s gondola, which is the highest in the world, is split into two phases. Gulmarg’s newly constructed Gondola lift through pine-clad slopes is an experience of a lifetime. There is immense beauty and various adventure activities that make Gulmarg more than a cool hill resort. This is romantic hub is also one of the convenient base for trek to the Himalayas and also offers various winter sports facilities to the tourists.

Why Visit Gulmarg as Romantic Getaway?

  • The wonderful attraction in Gulmarg is the Cable Car ride, which is also known as Gondola Lift/Ride by Jammu and Kashmir State Cable Car Corporations.
  • Alpather Lake, located on the valley down the twin Afarwat peaks is in a triangular shape is placed in the backdrop of scenic hilly snow capped terrains.
  • St Mary’s Church is a religiously important church in Gulmarg done by famous British architectures in the construction style of British churches.
  • Skiing and snowboarding are two main activities which can be carried out in Gulmarg and it has become the most popular spot for skiing in India.
  • Many trekking trails offering medium to hard adventurous trekking originates from the hilly terrains of Gulmarg.

Things to Consider

In winters, The weather starts to get colder by the day and temperatures can dip to sub zero level. Tourists accompanied by small kids or old people need to take extra care.

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a perfect tourist destination for all seasons but the best time to visit is from March to October.

Best Season: March to October
Summers: March-May
Winters: November to February
Monsoons: July to August

Gulmarg landscape

Gulmarg landscape

Gulmarg landscape by draskd

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    7 Responses to “Gulmarg”

    brttyking Says

    Very nice post. Gulmarg is one of the most stunning hill stations in India. It has some spectacular places to see like the Nagin valley, the Apharwat peak, and Pattan.

    Mukesh bansal Says

    One of the best spot of Kashmir. The snow was too good and soft. We visited in June and were lucky to experience the snowfall in phase 2. What an experience. Hire a guide if you are with kids.They will help climbing up the peak and guide you better. This is an amazing place. Don’t miss.Carry suitable warm cloths because the weather is quite unpredictable.

    RBUG Says

    There is very high probability of snowfall in Gulmarg during December-end to mid-February. But yes you would find snow there but its not sure that if there will be snowfall. To See the snowfall plan in December.

    Vyshakh Says

    In August will there be snowfall in Gulmarg or Srinagar?

    admin Says

    You will find plenty of snow during March in Gulmarg. But for snowfall, no one can predict the exact week or dates. But it does snowfall during March as well.

    MOHINI Says

    hello, i just wanted to confirm about the snowfall in march month first and second we r planning our honeymoon.

    Vishal Says

    Gulmarg is full of fun and memories. Gondola riding is very thrilling, exciting & charming which will lead you to Apharwat peak. When I was up above, the beauty of the lower view of the surrounding from the gondola is beyond of my description. We were lucky to witness the snow fall at the top of the peak. It also provides a brilliant view to sunshine peak and nanga parbhat peaks. Gulmarg has a great potential as a Ski resort and it is proving to be a great one. The Himalayan slopes are amongst the best slopes for skiing. It is a great skiing destination. Gulmarg is heaven on earth.

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