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Mizoram: Snapshot

Best time to visit Mizoram:
January, February, March, November, December,

Mizoram romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Countryside, Hill Station, Peaceful, Secluded,

Mizoram, often called as 'Island of Peace', is one of the Seven Sisters States located in the North Eastern region of India. The state is known for its pleasantly dramatic scenic landscape and pleasant climate making it a good choice for romantic travels and honeymoons. Most part of this beautiful destination is covered with evergreen misty hills, valleys, rivers and lakes, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers. Mizoram is one of the most secluded destination of India and can be a good choice for those who want to spend some time in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The state is bordered by the Indian states of Assam, Manipur and Tripura and the country of Bangladesh.

Honeymoon is not only about traveling from one place to another but it’s a time devoted to understand each other and know each other more intimately and what better place than an isolated picturesque hill station such as Mizoram.

Mizoram as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaways)

Honeymoon in Mizoram is all about calmness, exploring the beauty of its natural landscapes, enjoying romantic boat rides in its beautiful lakes and rivers and getting to know the rich culture and traditions of this beautiful destination. Aizawn, the capital city of Mizoram is a small but beautiful and romantic city to be with your partner sitting and adoring the beauty of the place. Some of the places for visiting here are Vantawng fall, Tamdil, Thenzawl and Champai. The capital city is also known for its varied tribes which include Pawis, Paithes, Raltes, Lushais, Pang, Himars, Kukis and many others. Honeymoon in Mizoram is an ideal blend of splendid natural sightseeing, rejuvenation, peace and romance. It is always going to be a memorable experience.

Why Visit Mizoram as Romantic Getaways?

  • Phawangpui, also known as the Blue Mountain, the highest peak in Mizoram.
  • The Durtlang Hills, south of Aizawl, ideal for day-hikes from Aizawl.
  • Churches of Aizawl, a visit to Bara Bazaar and other local markets of Aizawl.

Best Time to Visit Mizoram

The state of Mizoram experiences a temperate climate with cool summers and not-so-cold winters.

Best Season: November to March
Winters: October to March
Monsoons: May to September
Summers: April to May



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    Kimmy Says

    Mizoram is small but nice place to visit. The way to Durtlang is pretty steep. The mausoleum for Rosangpuii Varte is an absolutely surprising and not to be missed sight, reminding of Greek churches. Durtlang gives a very pleasant rural feeling. You can also witness sunset view from the hill. It’s really a unique experience being here. Its was an amazing visit. Great sights.

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