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Most Romantic Restaurants in Beijing, China

Beijing is not only famous for being the capital city of the Republic of China but also the largest city of the country. Beijing is already known as the largest trade center and the financial, cultural and fashion hub of the country but also is known as a hotspot for food and dining. People from all over the world and very commonly the honeymoon couples from other parts of the country come to Beijing to have the best food available here in many of its restaurants and dining outlets that serve the best food here and the tourist who come here enjoy various kinds of international food in the various restaurants majorly found in the areas of Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian and many others. The food is simply awesome no matter where you visit but still the guide is needed to experience the heavenly taste of the Chinese cuisines which is found more commonly in the area. But Beijing is not only popular for serving Chinese cuisines but the city can be visited for tasting relishing European, Mediterranean, and other kinds of cuisines.

Beijing's Top 7 Romantic Restaurants

Bai jia Da yuan

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Bai jia Da yuan – Haidian

Being the capital city Beijing will be primarily known for its Chinese cuisines and that is why this place is one of the most visited one of all. So people who are new to this place should definitely move to the restaurant to have an exotic experience of Chinese food and the ambience is inspired by the Qing Dynasty and the hotel waiters and the decor of the restaurant is really beautiful and reminds you of having meal in the ancient era of the Qing Dynasty and the honeymoon couples will really have a nice time having abalone, or bird’s nest soup, or the braised sea cucumber and other menus too.

Da Dong Roast Duck

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Da – Dong Roast Duck – Chaoyang

This is one of best restaurants of Beijing which is popular in the world wide level and the couples who are here for their honeymoon trips should never miss this place to have the very popular roast Duck of Beijing and you can accompany the some of the crispy snacks and the wines that are best found in the city of Beijing and the couples will have the best meal here in this restaurant for sure in Beijing. There are other dishes that should be tried are the meat dishes, and other fish and sea food such as lobster, and steaks.

Crystal Jade Palace

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Crystal Jade Palace – Chaoyang

This is a restaurant of Beijing which can be visited for tasting the very relishing Cantonese food and also many of the popular delicacies of Singapore. Couples who are looking for typical and authentic dim-sums, and relishing seafood should not miss this place and the couples who are also looking for Chinese cuisines can take a trip out here. The place is very much known for its tea which is very refreshing and people from all over Hong Kong come to have a nice and freshening cup of tea at Crystal Jade Palace. Couples will also definitely have a good time out here.

Dali Courtyard

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Dali Courtyard – Dongcheng

A prominent restaurant of Beijing which can be visited by the couples during their honeymoon trips. The couples can taste from a wide range of menus that can start from the relishing grilled fish, delicious mint-infused salads, stir-fried Yunnan mushrooms, and other delicacies that will include in-season vegetable dishes. Couples can also opt for the table menus that are fixed and the rate is also fixed so one can get the best treat here in the fixed budget also. The place is considered one of the finest restaurants of Beijing which serves the best Chinese food in town.

Lei Garden

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Lei Garden – Dongcheng

Couples who want to have a smashing day out together can opt for this restaurant which is dynamically beautiful and also one of the most glittering places of the city of Beijing. The place can be opted by the honeymooners at any nice afternoon when they are done with their shopping and want to have a lunch together after the tiring day. The couples can order for the very tasty turnip cake that is specially pan fried and topped with other veggies and also can try the shrimp dumplings, along with the crunchy chicken and crunchy bamboo shoots. Couples can opt for private rooms if they are not comfortable in the common hall for more privacy.

Pure Lotus

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Pure Lotus – Chaoyang

The restaurant is an authentic and a strictly vegetarian place which is exclusively run by the Buddhist Monks. And the couples who are vegetarian can find their food heaven in this place. The restaurant is decorated with beautiful jewel stones and authentic artwork of China and you can try from the wide vegetarian dishes and among them the tofu, salads, dim sums are authentic. You will love the mock meat dishes that are beautifully prepared by the chefs and among them the Sichuan-style “fish” or Beijing-style “duck” which are prepared from wheat gluten and soy protein and you will definitely love it. But you won’t find alcohol here but there is a wide range of fruit drinks and teas available those are very refreshing and worth trying.


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Nola – Chaoyang

This is a great but one of the most genuine place to have authentic American food and you can start with the best items such as grits, jambalaya that is prepared with peppered dark sausage and the couples can also have traditional gumbo, and other Cajun and Creole fare. The menu is really wide and long and the couples who are coming from America will not complain about the taste as the pace is really apt for having such foods. The couples can try the best ones such as pork tenderloin with other accompanies and the rooftop of the restaurant is also a nice place to have a meal. Couples can see the magical view of the Beijing city and can get their bite on the fine cupcakes and other dessert delicacies such as nutmeg ice-cream.

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