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Netherlands Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Netherlands: Snapshot

Best time to visit Netherlands:
January, April, May, June, July, August, September, December,

Netherlands romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Backwaters, Beach, Cruise, Heritage, Hill Station, Lake, Shopping, Water Sports,

The country of Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy with flat terrain and exceptional hills within its geographical boundaries. Netherlands is a leading economy nation in the European continent especially in trading, shipping, fishing and banking. This geographical area is known for panoramic nature vistas and well maintained cities with calm-hearty locals. Netherlands is widely popular because of its paintings, tulips, old windmills, dikes and old architecture style.

Often called as Holland, the main attractions of the country include Amsterdam – the capital city, The Haque – Govening City of the Country, Rotterdam, Maastricht and the city of Arnhem with museums, galleries, castles, fabulous nightlife and restaurants. The country boasts plenty of other sightseeing outside the bustling cities with Keukenh of Flower Garden, State Park Beach, The lost City and De Nature Center. Netherlands offers plenty of other activities, sports and long list of cuisines to tourists who flock to this charming country.

Netherlands as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

If you are hoping for a honeymoon destination that has glorious past, rich in culture & modernity, nature phenomenon sceneries, world-class shopping market and luxurious amenities, the country of Netherlands is all the way for you. Either explore the vibrant city’s by strolling (or cycle ride may be more romantic) to museums, castles, theatres and cafes or discover the fun-parks, flower-fields, zoo and Red Light District. In adventure love, water sports and horse riding on riverside is thrilling experience that makes you more closer sweetheart. Go for a romantic ride/ drive with plenty of roadside sightseeing and enjoy spa treatment in the evening time. A Candle light dinner or meal in the Dark Room in the capital city is very much popular among the couples. Cash the enthusiastic nightlife and sip at rose garden in nothing can be compared to.

Why Visit Netherlands as Romantic Getaway?

  • A Gondola Ride down to Amsterdam’s Canals
  • A Date in the Dark room at Restaurant Ctaste, Amsterdam
  • Cyclic Ride in Rotterdam is truly romantic
  • A sip of wine at Rose Garden at St Gerlach
  • Tulip Garden and Parks are worth to watch creating romantic backdrop in and around

Best Time to Visit Netherlands

The weather conditions in the country of Netherland are not predictable. But the best time to visit is from end-April to September and December to January.

Best Season: end-April to September, December to January
Summers: June to August
Winters: November to mid-March
Monsoons: mid-March to May

Amsterdam Sunset in Netherlands

Amsterdam Sunset in Netherlands

Sunset over Amsterdam by Werner Kunz

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