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Nightlife in Athens, Greece

Athens in the capital city of Greece and it is stated as the foundation of the Western Civilization and the city is also a great place to spend some quiet and romantic honeymoon. So couples from all over the world is more and more preferring this place as their honeymoon destination and they can also enjoy the best ambience and quiet moments with each other. Athens is a city which is not only enjoyed for its ancient monuments but the couples who visit here often come to enjoy it vibrant nightlife which are found in the various night clubs, bars, discos and the couples can enjoy the nice nightlife with the best drinks and foods and they can really be on their romantic best as the city also allow them to enjoy the nightlife in crowded and loudly areas as well as in subtle and quiet places too.

Best Nightclubs and Bars in Athens


This is one of the best bars of Athens where the couples can really have a nice time while having their best drinks according to their choices and the couples can choose from the wide range of drinks and they can get their best drinks which will be among best cocktails, mocktails, wines, beers, and other fruit beers too. The bar is ruling the city since 1990s and the couples can choose from a wide range of fruit beers right from cherry, lemon and other fruits.

Galaxy Bar, Hilton Hotel

This is a rooftop bar where the couples can have posh time as this is a place where you get the best fruit flavored punches where you can get the best drinks in the fine ambience. The ambience is really lushly and the couples can get the DJ will play the best music of electro and fine jazz and the couples can enjoy the soothing ambience and the beautiful olive trees will get you the romantic feeling and the couples will love the feel of togetherness.

Alexander Bar

This is an old fashioned bar which is again one of the most favorite of the people and the couples can really have a good time having their night out here. The bar is a real fun and the couples will have their best enjoyment through the fine drinks as Alexander is one of the places where they can get the fine music to be enjoyed and the couples can also enjoy their drinks in the best ambience of 18th century and the interiors are also a definite proof of classic era.


This is a fine place to have drinks with your partner where there is a fine courtyard garden which can be an excellent place to be and the couples will love the place with a 19th century look and the couples can get the ambience is done with the fine photography and sculpture of the era where the couples can have the decent and serene look of the nice time and they can also enjoy each other’s company in the delicate lighting which will allow to come closer.

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