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15 Amazing Tourist Destinations to Explore in Year 2016

Last updated : Mar 9, 2016

Traveling the World is one of the best thing one can do for a change in life or for making some memorable moments to cherish lifelong. But choosing a destination to go is one confusing task. So we have just solve you problem for choosing a travel destination from around the world,here are best places to travel in year 2015. The earth is an amazing place and there are uncountable places in the world that are amazing and unusual. Many places on earth have things and surprises of which we cannot even imagine and those places must be visited to see the natural and historical phenomena and to consider ourselves the best creation so that we can see these beauties by exploring the world and get those sights. We have stated many surprises as World Heritage Sites, ancient architectures and many other titles but true beauty requires no label to signify them but they should be enjoyed and felt.

Destinations Around the World You Must Travel in 2015

Fez, Morocco

Fez is one of the royal cities of Morocco holding the great ancient Arab civilization. The city was established in 789 by Idris I and it witness the great Islamic civilization. The city is a preserved city of the Arab’s and the city is considered as the car free zone and most of the transportation is performed by donkeys, mules, and carts. Among the main attractions of the city is the BouInaniamadersais a stunning 14th-century religious college and one of the best example of Islamic architecture of the world. And in fez you can also taste some yummy Moroccan food.

Fez in Morooco

Photo Credit- Michal Osmenda

Rotterdam, Netherland

Rotterdam is a city that is located in the Dutch province of Holland. The city is known as the “City of Architecture” and also stated as the largest port of Europe and the fourth largest in the world. The city boasts some of the great museums of Europe and people can definitely visit Markthal which is a huge indoor food court and one can definitely enjoy the ambience and the food here. And this is one of the gorgeous architecture of Rotterdam, and Erasmus bridge of Rotterdam is another one to see here.


Photo Credit- aidanmorgan

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata or San Felipe de Puerto Plata is the capital city of the province of Puerto Platalocated in Dominican Republic and the city is having a population of about 130,000. Among the major tourist attractions Christo Redentor which is a dynamic hilltop with the stunning views of the lagoon, and provides some panoramic views of the city. Another major attraction is the Fortaleza San Felipe is a gorgeous picnic place and one can enjoy the best views and one can enjoy the best experiences of sand and sea as well as beautiful excursions.


Photo Credit- motika

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the one of the major important cities of Turkey and also known as the financial and cultural hub of the country. The city is located with Bosphorus on its both sides and located on the shores of Black Sea and Marmara Sea. Among the important places people can visit Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, TopKapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, and the ancient Roman Church Basilica cistern, built by the Romans and Istanbul is a city which is known for its Tulip Gardens and one cannot ignore the beautiful gardens here. People can also take the adventurous Bosphorus cruise.


Photo Credit- mossaiq

Milan, Italy

Milan is an important city of Italy and one of the ancient cities of Europe. Milan was destroyed partially in the Second World War but still it has many attractive places to be visited. It is the financial, cultural and fashion hub of the nation. Milan is famous for its wealthy state and also for the cosmopolitan business center. Milan lands some very ancient churches that are the beautiful evidences of the Roman Empire in form of churches. The Duomo, Saint Mary of the Graces, Saint Ambrose, San Nazaro, Sam Simpliano Basilica, are important ones.


Photo Credit- paolomargari


Oman is a beautiful country of the Middle East Asia and it is also known as the Sultanate of Oman. Located on the Arabian Peninsula the country was out of any tourism activities till 1970 and at present it is one of the most established countries of the world. The capital city of Muscat is a city with rich historical treasures and the city of Bahla is considered as the oasis city and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Oman is popular for its wide range of forts and there are near about 500 forts present in this country amidst the stunning background of the rugged mountains.


Photo Credit- andryn2006

Valetta, Malta Island

Valetta is the capital city of the Malta Island nation. The city is a harbor city and own very ancient and charming 16th century architectures. Valetta was considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and it is also a major tourist destination of the present era with large shopping centers, business centers and many other tourism options. People who visit here often get to see the Valetta Peninsula and also some other attractions such as St. John’s Co Cathedral, The Palace of the Grand Masters, he Upper Barakka Gardens, and Valetta provides an unusual experience of its visits of its harbors and marinas.

Valetta, Malta

Photo Credit- wiki


Chile is a beautiful country and people who are looking to explore the world in a different way must give it a try in 2015. Chile is a narrow country located in South America and sandwiched between Andes and Pacific Ocean. Chile has all the natural treasures right from volcanoes, to islands, to UNESCO Heritage Sites, and other tourism destinations like shopping centers, casinos, and many other restaurants to be enjoyed. The major cities are the capital city of Santiago, Concepcion, Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar and many others with many options to make you stay here.


Photo Credit- armandolobos


The country is considered as the largest country of Eastern Africa with a rich cultural heritage and historical backgrounds. The country witnesses the presence of humans on Earth as human and pre-human fossils have been found here. In this country one can enjoy the rich flora and fauna with its presence of uncountable national parks that represent the true African beauty. Adventurous people can also go for Safari camping in the forest areas and this is one of the trips which the tourists never try to give a miss. For overwhelming water activities one can visit the Zanzibar islands.


Photo Credit- wackelijmrooster


A country is the Southern Part of Africa is a true nation to spend some very cool and quiet moments. Located on the Indian Ocean coastal area of South Africa and the coastline is considered as paradise for the beach lovers, scuba divers and fishing experts. The country is a heaven for the bird watchers as the Gorongosa National Park has uncountable of them and also people mostly visit the Niassa Reserve to watch and Pemba which is a coral reef and another place to enjoy the natural beauties and also the country offers camps and safaris to explore the dense forests of Africa.


Photo Credit- rosino


This is country located in Central America and settled between the coastlines of the Caribbean Sea. This is also considered as the largest country of Central America and boasts many festivals and eco tours. People who visit here often go for the San Cristobal Eco Tours where they can watch the tallest Volcano of the country along with rainforests, beaches, lakes, and reefs to discover. And people who visit here often visit the Nicaragua Surf cabin where they can enjoy the best surfing beaches of the nation and they can also enjoy the local fiestas.


Photo Credit- dfv78


Norway is a beautiful country with snowy mountains all over as it geographically located in the northernmost, westernmost and also the easternmost of all the Scandinavian nations. And the country is having extremely beautiful backdrop with the wooden buildings, and beautiful mountains with large museums, ancient cathedrals, caves and definitely the energetic and with the capital city of Oslo people can really enjoy the nation’s greatest tourism activities, and most importantly the adventurous activities can be done in the country such as skiing, hiking on the mountains, cycling and most importantly watching the midnight sun.


Photo Credit- Mike Green

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital city and also the largest city of Indonesia. It is located on the island of Java and also known as the political, economic, and financial hub of the country. There are many tourist options in the city and the people can enjoy the best views of Monas, Presidential Palace, Bundaran HI and many other theme parks that can be both enjoyed by adults and kids as well and people should not miss to visit the Ancol Dream Park, which is considered one of the biggest theme park in Asia and people will be overwhelmed to see the rides.


Photo Credit- marshawindira

San Juan, Puerto Rico

It is a beautiful city and the capital of the country Puerto Rico which is a Caribbean Island. The city has one of the best harbors of the Caribbean and there are many districts where the tourists can have fun and they can also view the historical attractions. The city has many forts and cathedrals and among them the El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Palacio de Santa Catalina, El Castillo de San Cristóbal are some of the major attractions. San Juan is a city where its tourists can enjoy numerous beach activities in the beaches of Isla Verde and Condado.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo Credit- franciscodaum

Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido is one of the four main islands of Japan. The island is having major national parks and the island is mostly known for its hiking opportunities. There are many cities in the island which are having their own significance in the tourism point of view and the island is also known for its beautiful flowering gardens, seafood, power skiing and hot springs. Noboribetsu is the hub which is known for its hot springs Shiretoko National Park, Shikotsu-Toya National Park are the major parks, and Sapporo is the capital and the major city of the island.

Hokkaido, Japan

Photo Credit- trasroid


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