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Romantic Beach Getaways around Mumbai

For most couples, Mumbai may not be the quintessential honeymoon destination with its bustling city life and crowd. However, there some spectacular romantic beach getaways around Mumbai that would make a perfect holiday retreat. Surrounded by the Konkan coastline and lush green plantations, these unexplored getaways are a glorious stretch of white sandy beaches accompanied by crystal clear water, that offer you beautiful view of nature in all its striking grandeur.

The below-mentioned infographic consists of 15 romantic destinations around Mumbai that are ideal for a quick getaway. Here is the list of these amazing places

  • Velneshwar Beach
  • Kelshi Beach
  • Karde Beach
  • Khavane Beach
  • Redi Beach
  • Anjarle Beach
  • Kondura Beach
  • Hedvi Beach
  • Nivati Beach
  • Mithbav Beach
  • Velas Beach
  • Korlai Beach
  • Tondavali Beach
  • Ade Beach
  • Kunkeshwar Beach

Couples can enjoy the peaceful serenity of these beaches that is accompanied by calm & breezy atmosphere or go swimming in its pristine water. They can also indulge in water sports activities or go sightseeing and visit some of the most popular & famous attractions in and around these areas.Further, since these destinations are still unknown to most people, couple’s can enjoy leisurely walks on the beach or indulge in quiet musings, without the fear of being disturbed by other tourists.

So take a look at this impressive infographic, pick a destination and plan the ultimate romantic getaway with your loved one!

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