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Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is Spain's second largest city and the capital of the Catalan community living here. Due to being such of an importance and having a deep cultural connection to the Catalan Barcelona has a lot of gastronomical wonders to offer to the world. There are a number of Michelin start restaurants all over the city which serves some f the best cuisine. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Top 10 Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona


This one star Michelin restaurant can be considered as one of the Barcelona’s finest. The décor and the environment inside the restaurant is immensely sophisticated and elegant. The restaurant is intimate with seating capacity of just 56 people making your gastronomical experience enjoyable in a cal and serene environment. It is for those who prize high class dining.

Dos Palillos

The restaurant serves Asian cuisine mixed with the Spanish traditional tapas and products like seafood. The chef here got his influence from Japan, Vietnam and China to make the food exotic. And the Taps served here are pure grace and creativity. It also got its first Michelin star in November 2012.


A very chick menu with wonderful décor the restaurant got two Michelin stars in 2013 and is one of the most visited restaurants in Barcelona. The menu is truly wonderful as they have renewed classical dishes like Arroz caldoso de gamba con picada de pescador (rice dish with broth) – Fricandó (veal stew) and suquet (fish stew).


Located on the second floor of the luxury Hotel Arts the Arola has one of the best decors in all of Barcelona. It is known for its brand new pop design, it’s beautiful terrace in front of Frank Gehry’s giant wale and great live music set with local DJs. Apart from the wonderful food there are 900 wines in the cellar here and you are spoilt for a choice.

Passadís del Pep

The most wonderful part of this restaurant is that it has no menu but offers everyday a new selection of beautifully presented dishes, mostly seafood, certainly the best ones in Barcelona. The restaurant will serve you whatever is the fresh item in their stock so you get to eat a lot of clams, little kind of prawns, gambas, sea snail, squid, fried and crispy anchovies with lot of Cava (the local Champagne).


Alkimia means Alchemy in Arabic and as per its name the restaurant has flair to turn ordinary meals into the worth of gold. A favorite of Barcelona’s elite, the restaurant is equipped with a well stocked wine cellar that complements the fine food on offer. The menu here is highly innovative and the Catalian dishes have been tweaked a little.

Set Portes

Serving the Catalan cuisine it is an elegant old paella and seafood restaurant. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city and has been around since 1836. And you can see the great people who have visited this place immortalized in little plaques on the backs of the chairs. Who would not like to dine at such a historical place?

Cinc Sentitis

The name of the restaurant implies “five senses” and the name suits the taste of the food available here. It is one of Barcelona’s premier restaurants and has achieved fame in Barcelona for its selection of only the freshest ingredients from throughout Spain. The deco of the restaurant is modern and presents the traditional Catalan food.


It means “The fisherman” in the local Catalan language and true to its name the restaurant is known for its seafood. The restaurant’s cod is among the best in the worlds and is now becoming increasingly popular in the town and reservation in highly recommended. Despite being located in the less popular area of Barcelona it is recommended for fish lovers.

Comerc 24

This Michelin star restaurant takes its name from the address it is located on. With the exceptional service and amazing décor the food of Comerc 24 is really good and would leave you asking for more. It is best for those who cannot decide themselves for hosing a single dish. Opening hours: 1:30-3:30pm and 8:00-11:30pm daily.

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