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Romantic Restaurants in Greenland, Greenland

Dine in the beautiful island of Greenland. It holds some of the best restaurants that will give you an authentic taste of Greenland. The ambience is impressive and food is mouthwatering. Relish the taste of Greenland with a beautiful view around you. Here are some of the famous restaurants of Greenland that you would like to visit once during your stay in this country.

Best Romantic Restaurants in Greenland

Restaurant Ulo

Get a taste of international cuisines with a pinch of innovation. You can view the ice-filled bay from this restaurant. If you visit Greenland between June and August then be a part of the Greenlandic Barbeque held every year.

Café Iluliaq

The outdoor seating arrangement is wonderful as you get to dine under the clear sky of Greenland. Tuck yourself with some sandwiches, burgers and salad, and delicious Thai food along with some meat for the main course.

Restaurant H8

Dig in some halibut, whale and seal to caribou and muskox. The restaurant is located in an old warehouse but offers you excellent food that you will relish long.

Restaurant Hvide Flak

This restaurant is located in Hotel Hvide Flak. Get a taste of the authentic cuisine of Greenland at the Greenlandic buffet served once a week. The buffet contains dishes influenced by wild games.

Tahiti Bob’s Restaurant Tip

Try some of the best Greenlandic cuisines at this restaurant. Dryed cod, littles cubes of whale skin, dryed seal meat, dryed reindeer meat and so much more is served at this small restaurant.

Restaurant Nipisa

Get the best of Greenland at this restaurant. The dishes are imaginative and delicious. Try a meal at Nipisa along with some fine wine suggested by the waiter. Dining here is a luxurious experience.

Hotel Godthab

The interior is decorated with fake shop fronts. A Mongolian barbecue every Tuesday night and carved meats, garnishes and a half bottle of wine on Friday and Saturday evening are a relishing experience.

Café Taup

Reindeer and muskox steak or filled baked potatoes for lunch will satisfy the glutton within you. Real cappuccinos and genuine Greenlandic coffee is a must have at this restaurant.

Restaurant Klara

Snowcrab starters, succulent reindeer steaks and along with a few local delicacies including minke whale and muskox are some of the must try dishes of Klara.

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