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Romantic Things to do in Beijing, China

Beijing is not only the capital city of China but holding the second rank of being largest city of the country. The city also holds the seat of the Qing and Ming Dynasties a she emperors of the dynasty used to rule from this place. The city is the center if education, politics, trade and culture of China. The place has also a number of historical sites to offer and the couples who want to visit the city of their honeymoon trips would find numerous ways to entertain themselves and they can have the best food, nightlife and best honeymoon packages found in various posh and luxurious hotels in Beijing. The nightlife of the city is known for its hot and happening nightclubs bars and discos. There are some very beautiful parks and gardens and some of the international landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, The Forbidden city and the Bird's Nest and many others. There are a good number of tourists are increasing every year in the city and in these years more and more couples are looking towards Beijing and they are getting indeed a unforgettable experience for their honeymoon. There are also some natural place are there in the city where you can get the best views of the city and the couples can have their best honeymoon in China which can get them all in a city and they cannot think of going anywhere else.

Dragon Boats

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Sailing on the Dragon Boats

The couples who are in the capital city of Beijing would never want to miss the opportunity of sailing on the moonlit lake and you can enjoy it on the most ravishing dragon boats and that is why you will get to have one of the most romantic phases of your honeymoon trips in Beijing. In the dragon boats you will have the chances of having a cozy candlelight dinner and you will love to sail on Shichahai Lake and you can just to rent a boat and have a nice evening with your partner a licensed navigator who can take you to the best views of the lake and you can go missing from all the worries of the world by watching the background with your love.

Horse Rides

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Take your darling to the Horse Rides

The Beijing trip can be indeed romantic for the couples if they go for a horse back trip and the husband can also treat his wife with this awesome experience. The couples can opt for the suburbs of the Miyun which are isolated and they can get the best place to enjoy each other arms. They can also go smooth by the lakes and the streams and the trip will really be a mesmerizing experience together. No couples will deny having a horseback ride with the best scenery behind and you can move around the Shichahai Lake which is breathtaking and the couples in honeymoon can have the experience of being together in the city of Beijing spending their holidays in the best ambience doing the best activities.

Kempinski Hotels

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Enjoy best honeymoon packages of Beijing luxury hotels

This can be one of the best options to enjoy honeymoon in Beijing the couples can have and they can get the best honeymoon packages and among the best five star hotels you can select from Kempinski Hotels from Four Seasons, to Park Hyatt and all these hotels are known for their luxurious packages and services that are specially offered to the honeymoon couples in China and those who specially hire Beijing five star hotels for their romantic holidays. With the fantastic spa services from the rooms which are itself a gorgeous place to romance and the awesome menus from all parts of the world and will add more fun.

Beijing restaurants

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Dining in the lavish Beijing restaurants

Couples who are here for their honeymoon trips will never miss the opportunity to dine in the city of Beijing and their menus that are authentically made in a Chinese way and you can taste the best flavors of China through the best Beijing restaurants. The menus can be a longer one and the couples can choose from a wide range of food from noodles, soups, ice creams, and most importantly the Peking Roast Duck which is a famous menu of Beijing and can be found in most of the restaurants of Beijing. There are also some nice pancakes that are also a treat for the people out here.

Beijing Palace

Visiting The Place

This is the place which is a must visit for the couples who are here for honeymoon trips and that is why one should not miss the place. This is a gorgeous site where one can get the dynamic scenes of sparkling the Sky Screen which is the first one in Asia, and also the second largest electronic screen in China. The Sky Screen is about 250 meters long and 30 meters wide and the couples should not miss it at any cost. They can enjoy its wonderful colors and the fashionable with the flawless acousto-optic grouping and the husband can see the sparkle of happiness in his darling.

Shichahai Lake

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Should not miss the Shicha Lake

This is considered the most romantic place in Beijing and the couples who are here for their honeymoon holidays cannot miss visiting the Shicha Lake and they can get the best views which are picturesque and the couple can spend their romantic evenings and even a complete day near the lake and no one can deny that the place is breathtakingly beautiful. They can spend their moments on the Yinding Bridge that is connecting to the Houhai Lake with Shicha Lake, and the couples can enjoy the best views of the Western Hill. Along with that they can enjoy the romantic music played at the background. The place is also apt or gong for boat rides and the couples can actually live their priceless moments of life.

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