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Things to Do in the Poconos, USA

Poconos is actually known for its beautiful locations which are meant for the romantic couples and that is why the newly-weds take it as a hot and favorite wedding and honeymoon destinations. But there are many couples who visit this place not only after their marriage but also year after year to revive their love life and invite more fun and thrill to escape from their daily scheduled lives.The Pocono Mountains are indeed a romantic haven for couples of all ages as they get a chance to be cozy about each other. The mood gets easily changed with the ambiance as the Pocono resorts suites offer some dynamic romantic amenities with a with a heart shaped pool, 7-foot champagne whirlpool bath for the couples and talking with romance near log burning fireplace.

List of Best and Romantic Things to do in Poconos

Outdoor Adventure

The couples can go for fishing and cruising in the gorgeous Lakes, and can also go for mountain hiking and hunting too. The beautiful trails will let the couples go far on bikes as they can take long drives to the serene nature for birdwatching.

Poconos White Water Rafting

Couples can go for the adventurous white water rafting in the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers where the couples can get wet and this can be their one of the best summer retreats where hearts beat high with excitement and thrill.

Pocono White Water Rafting

Photo by: Jimmy C

Racetrack & NASCAR

This is one of the most thrilling yet furious acts to be performed by the couples only if they are a trained or an expert in car racing. Racetracks in Poconos are beautiful but needs expertise as people wait to see the NASCAR where the cars run at 200 mph on the high race tracks.


You cannot get away from snow if you are at Poconos and the icy trails and peaks call you to slope on them in a faster pace. Couples can go for dog sledding, snow tubing, and play for many other winter games like paintball.

Skiing in Poconos

Photo by:Rhys A


Couples who want to go together for a silent trip with the water can definitely go for the unending number of lakes and streams in the Poconos Mountains where they will get ample of opportunities for fishing and the beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack is waits for couples who come and pick some of the beautiful fishes and have a great time there.

Shopping in Poconos

Any trip whether its honeymoon or usual, it cannot gets complete until you shop from that destination, and Pocono is such a place where you can enjoy ample of versatile shopping and be more than happy to see the Flea and Farmer markets, downtown shopping, antiques, arts and crafts and most importantly clothing and apparels as the state if Pennsylvania do not impose taxes on shopping for clothes.

Lehigh Valley Mall

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Couples who are looking for some rejuvenation can definitely find this place as an apt one. The Poconos have some of the best spas where the couples can get themselves pampered after a hectic adventurous day and they can go for essential oils massage to refresh mind and body, chocolate therapies to revive skin and many other ways to freshen up for a romantic date or just to relax your body.

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