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Sweden Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Sweden: Snapshot

Best time to visit Sweden:
June, July, August,

Sweden romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Backwaters, Beach, Countryside, Cruise, Hill Station, Lake, Peaceful, Skiing, Spa Meditation, Water Sports, Wildlife,

The country of Sweden shares its border with Norway and Finland and connected to the Denmark via a bridge tunnel. Sweden is the third largest nation in the European Continent by terms of geographical area and least densely populated too. The whole geographical area has been divided in six different parts from tourism prospects: Northern Sweden, Central Sweden, Southern Sweden, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Molmo. There are hundreds of interesting sightseeing and activities in the country those include Stockholm – the Swedish capital, Uppsala, Island of Gotland, The Kingdom of Crystal and the archipelago of Stockholm. Besides this, the country offers plenty of activities and exotic nightlife with some best dining facilities. The country is wonderfully blessed with nature and awarded with lots of man-made arts and architecture. In fact, Sweden has all in it for every kind of tourists.

With clear water lakes and rivers, lush greenery and rich bio-diversity, historical monuments and large shopping malls, spas and nightlife, the country of Sweden is a popular honeymoon destination in Europe.

Sweden as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Explore the cities filled with heritage monumental and museums and parks or discover the village culture of the country away from bustling streets. It will be the best option to stroll in the streets with your honey and will be truly romantic. Enjoy water activities or visit nature reserves. Scratch the past of the country in traditional and cultural plays or walk to the shopping malls and don’t forget to buy few souvenirs for your loved one. A riverside romantic dinner in Stockholm or in any of the luxurious resorts will be an extra to impress your partner. In short, the country of Sweden offers all the amenities a couple required during love trip.

Why Visit Sweden as Romantic Getaway?

  • The Stockholm Islands archipelago stretching to Baltic Sea
  • Gothenburg with its architecture and cultural highlights
  • The Kingdom of Crystals – home to world famous Swedish glass work
  • Historic Drottningholm Palace  – Royal families residence
  • Uppsala Cathedral of Sweden in neo-Gothic Style
  • Stockholms Old Town ( Gamla Stan) and picturesque Gotland Island

Best Time to Visit Sweden

It is very hard to define the exact seasonal climatic conditions of Sweden as it is heavily influenced by Gulf Streams. But the best time to visit is from June to August.

Best Season: June to August
Summers: June to August
Winters: November to March
Monsoons: April to May

Old Town in Stockholm Sweden

Old Town in Stockholm Sweden

Old Town in Stockholm Sweden by Hector Melo A

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