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Tenerife Honeymoon Destination & Travel Guide for Couples


Tenerife: Snapshot

Best time to visit Tenerife:
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December,

Tenerife romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : Adventure, Beach, City, Heritage, Lake, Peaceful, Shopping, Trekking, Water Sports, Wildlife,

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and it is also considered as a great tourist hub as well as a warm honeymoon destination. Every year thousands of tourists come to this island to spend their summer and winter vacations every year to visit its spectacular beaches and lively nightlife. People in huge numbers visit to this island from the Spanish peninsula exclusively during Easter and this island are one of the last European places which is compared to paradises. The place is decorated with lush green forests, rich fauna and flora, high elevated mountains, volcanoes, long stretched deserts, , and extremely beautiful seashores with mighty and sparkling beaches.

In Tenerife the couples will love to be on the beaches and it is also called as the paradise for the scuba divers. But, other than scuba diving the honeymoon couples can also indulge into various other water sports such as wind surfing, parascending, surfing, jet skiing, sailing on speed boats, canoeing and many other activities.

Tenerife as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

The couples can go for long romantic drives in the mountains of Tenerife which will provide them an unusual feeling of passion which will be felt more in the valleys and all over the green environment. Popular destination like Masca is a must try for the long drivers but they must sure that they are enough expert to handle the rocky roads and the mountain areas. Among other activities the couples can explore the beautiful island city with Santa Cruz which is a big market with a number of museums and an art gallery in it. This place also has a space museum and planetarium too. The couples can visit the beautiful old towns of La Orotava and La Laguna, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a botanical garden to view the unusual plant species.

Why Visit Tenerife as Romantic Getaway?

  • Couples who are visiting in the winters will find Tenerife no less than a paradise as they can visit the island is also considered as a great winter destination for cross-country visitors and for the mountain biking experts. So couples who are quite daring can visit this place for their personal choices.
  • Couples who are romantic and love to view the beauty of the nature will also find this place suitable as they can enjoy sun sparkling skies and warm temperatures with the view of the rich diversity of landscape, flora and picturesque backdrop of the place. There are various through lava fields and Canary pines whose fragrances can be enjoyed way to the beach as they can enjoy beer while watching the sunset.

Best Time to Visit Tenerife

The city of Tenerife experiences cold desert climate all the year.The best time to visit Tenerife City would be all through the year.

Best Season: All through the Year
Summers: July-October
Winters: December- March
Monsoons: November & January

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife by Pedro Szekely

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