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Romantic Things To Do In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital city of “The Kingdom of Netherlands” and the name of the city has been derived from the dam which is built on the river Amstel. The city is the largest center for cultural and financial moves of the country. The city is known for its World heritage Sites which are the canals that were made in the 17th century and has been glorifying the city for years. No matter what kind of visit you have went in this city you will get it all-from historical, to romantic or for shopping, Amsterdam has everything for you.

Romantic Places To See In Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is a place where the couples can allow them to lose in the historic city and the ancient alleys where they can see some ancient churches which are nostalgic and these catholic churches are known for their ancient architecture which is worth visit.
  • Among the best romantic destinations in Amsterdam the couples can head towards the Amsterdam Canals where they can go for a private ship cruise where they will be flying with thrill and they can have a romantic dinner and nice champagne in the salon boats.
  • Explore the city with your partner on horse carriage and feel like a royal couple from within.
  • Couples should not miss the divine beaches of Amsterdam and let your romantic weekend breaks spend on the water and sands.
  • Amsterdam is known for its beautiful and lushly parks where the couples can share a red wine and to name some of the few they can visit the –Vondel Park, Hortus Botanicus etc.

Amsterdam Activities

  • Couples who are for romantic getaways in Amsterdam will definitely find many romantic ideas to kindle up their married life. They can feel the passion in their hearts for each other as the atmosphere of the city allows doing so. They can see sunsets together from the bridges which are extremely romantic and the moments are made for cherish all over the life.
  • If he couples want their eyes speak with each other then they can come out to the bridge where sparkling lights illuminate the canals and couples can walk hand-in-hand along mended ancient streets in the grachten gordel, or "canal belt," which allows the lovers to light up their feeling for each other and express it through eyes.
  • Among the couples the husband can give his wife to a romantic surprise as he can shower bunches of flowers from the Bloemen markt where you can get colorful and seasonal flowers in a good price, it will be indeed a romantic act to win her heart.
  • Other than flowers something more precious you can gift to your darling with a fine cut diamond as this can be one of your best gifts to her. Amsterdam is world’s best destination for polishing diamonds so do not let the chance move out of your hand.
  • Amsterdam is a place which is known for its bouncing nightlife, candle light dinners, wines, dance bars, discotheques are the integral part of the city’s nights and this can be an important part of the best vacations spots for the couples.

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