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Romantic Things to do in Greenland, Greenland

Explore the largest and the sparsely populated island of the world. A major portion of this island is covered with snow which offers you infinite number of opportunities like skiing, hiking, snowmobiling... As a tourist there is so much to see and so much to do in this beautiful island that you will definitely love in this place. Here is an overview of things that you would like to try when in Greenland.

Romantic Things Couples Can Do in Greenland


Climb the lofty mountains of Greenland as there is nothing better than reaching the peak of a mountain on your feet. The joy is amazing and the landscape that walks along you is magnificent making you skiing journey a memorable one.

Northern Lights

Watch this magical mystery rise in the sky and spread. Greenland gives you one of the best spots to view the Northern Lights. This is one of the best and unique things that one can experience in his life.


Hike on the unexplored and rugged mountains of Greenland that is free from the chaos of city life. Follow the hiking trails of the mountains and reach the peak. The landscape that you view from the top of the mountain is incomparable.

Dog Sledding

Take a ride of the sled pulled by a pack of dogs. They will give you a fascinating tour of the mountains as you feel the cold breeze blowing through your face. Hear the tapping of dog’s feet in unison and feel the music they create.


Snowmobiles are used in Greenland for everyday transportation by has turned into a major tourist attraction. Take a tour of the mountains on theses single seated vehicles and admire the scenic beauty of this island.


Dive into the Arctic and watch the marine life dance around you. Catfish and lump suckers, forests of seaweed and odd looking sea cucumbers are there to grab your attention. The water is freezing cold and full of fun.

Hot Springs

Take a dip on the pool full of hot water and refresh yourself. There are a number of hot springs in Greenland, but the one in Uunartoq is one where people to bathe. Relax in the hot spring and soak yourself in the beauty of the picturesque valley around you.

Midnight Sun

Watch the bleak white sunshine turn into warm twilight. But the sun still remains there and gives you a basic view of itself for one continuous day. The sight and phenomena both are amazing and will surprise you.

Boat trip

The best time to go on a boat trip in Greenland is spring. You can catch glimpse of a humpback whale or the colorful wooden houses along the coast. The surreal landscape of Greenland will impress you with its pristine beauty.

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