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Romantic Things To Do in Ireland, Ireland

Ireland is an island located in the European continent with 32 counties in it. The northern part of the island is still lies in the United Kingdom. It is pretty sure that as it is an island then the couples who are looking for some beach vacations in honeymoon holidays will definitely find a place of their choice in the country. The country has endless options to say the three magical words “I love you” and the couples can find their own suitable place according to their choices. There are many choices which are available for the honeymoon couples as they can roam around the various cities and regions and can look for a travel planner who can plan for cheap romantic getaways and discount vacations.

Romantic Fun Things to do in Ireland

  • Couples can start with Dublin which is the capital and largest city of Ireland and the city is filled and with excellent pubs, exclusive shopping centers and decorated with fine architecture, Dublin is a very popular honeymoon destinations of Europe’s and a significant part of Ireland tours.
  • No place can be a more romantic getaways than Ireland if you want to celebrate your love. Couples can visit the Carmelite Church to see the relics of Saint Valentine who sacrificed his life for love, so couples can be more and more inspired by the saint.
  • Do get romantic in the Irish castles in Bunratty where you can have your own royal moments and the places are apt for nice food and entertainment.
  • Visit the Dublin Bay and feel like the stars of the Film Titanic and act like them and make yourself more romantic by sailing on the ships on the Dublin Bay.
  • Visit the city of Kilkenny where the couples can laugh and this is an attractive medieval town, also known as the Marble City and the couples can attend the Cat Laughs Comedy Festival, held yearly in the month of June.
  • Couples can visit Silgo for their ultimate beach vacations and island getaways as the town is filled with beautiful beaches and mountains so the couples can enjoy their moments in the fullest with water and sands.
  • The Aran Islands is one other holiday destinations for the couples which can be enjoyed with beautiful locations and pristine beaches and the couples who are here for their weekend getaways will really have best time together.
  • Take your better half to the end of the world with Dunmore Head which are the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and you can definitely tell him/ her that how much you are in love with.Spend a night with fire on the beach under the stars and the night will be worth remembering.
  • Do not forget to visit the St. Patrick Cathedral which is a place to pray and get the blessing of undying love and the couples can make a must visit.
  • Cliffs of Moher is a place which should not be missed and the arena is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and indeed a lovely place to be.

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