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14 Top Romantic Island in Greece, Greece

Greece one of the most popular tourist destination in the world comprises of 1400 islands and each of the island bunches has its special charm, in addition to a portion of the most beautiful seascapes on Earth. Their rough coast lines, sandy shores, enchanting villages, protected coves and numerous yacht harbors make them amazingly famous around numerous types of travelers. The huge island of Crete is a remarkably prominent visitor end of the line, with scenes fluctuating from extraordinary sandy palm vacation spots to snow-secured high tops and shocking stream gorges and an exceptional arrangement of night life in its towns. The volcanic island of Santorini is a standout amongst the most romantic picks and offers some stupendous views. For a somewhat more credible and less touristy experience, attempt Syros, Amorgos or any of the other little and less developed islands.

Top 14 Romantic Island Destination in Greece

Northeastern Aegean Islands

Northeastern Aegean Islands are the gathering of Islands fitting in with Greece and Turkey in the north Aegean Sea. It involves 5 enormous islands, Ikaría, Sámos, Límnos, Lésvos, Chíos, and 8 littler ones, Áyios Efstrátios, Áyios Minás, Antípsara, Thýmaina, Oinoússes, Samiopoúla, Foúrnoi and Psará. These islands offers Hot springs, fortress villages, rich history, heavenly seafood, a percentage of the best sunny shores in the Aegean for an incredible beautiful and memorable experiences.


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The Sporades Island

With Dense vegetation; rough scenes, and immaculate blue oceans The Sporades Island is a particularly elective spot in Greece. In the island of Skyros ride an adorable horse in the heart of a thick pine-tree timberland, or partake in the acclaimed carnival celebrations. Trace Skiathos strolling tracks, and uncover its stowed away marvels. On the other hand, take a leisurely, simple stroll round Kanapitsa Peninsula. End up in a green encompassing with rich pine timberlands, gem blue oceans and sandy beaches! Taste the really popular cheddar pie of Skópelos, and have a shot of oúzo in tavérnas by the seashore.

Skopelos harbour

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Evia is the second biggest island of Greece and is the ideal terminus for the individuals who look to experience a Greek Island Vacations. With its dazzling scene and landscape, intertwining both the commanding mountains and the blue gem waters of the Aegean Sea and the Evoikos Gulf, Evia is a treat for both the heart and mind. Evia has glorious shores, a charming atmosphere, eminent landmarks, numerous warm sources and relishing cuisines and is, in this way, a famous and close-by destination of Athens.


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Islands of Argosaronic

Islands of Argosaronic contains little islands to be specific Aegina, Agkistri, Spetses, Hydra, Poros, Salamina and the peninsula of Methana in southern Greece. Based over the Argosaronic Gulf and steeped in old mythology, these islands are little small havens in close nearness to Athens. Day by day ship association from the port of Piraeus makes them an exquisite, effortlessly receptive throughout the entire year-end for the Athenians. Guests here will revel in natural wonderfulness, chronicled fortunes, extraordinary building design, and glitzy, yet romantic environment.


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The Cyclades

The most renowned worldwide island located in the Aegean Sea involves a portion of the most lovely islands on the planet! Lovely sandy vacation spots, universal lifestyle, cultural music, warm, cordial individuals and infertile scenes with confined houses of prayer transform a trek to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. Millions of Greek and outside guests go to the Cyclades each year to explore the amazing light and the precious stone blue waters, in the journey of the heaven on earth.


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The Dodecanese

The island perplexing of Dodecanese in south-eastern Aegean is the sunniest corner in Greece. Twelve huge islands and various more diminutive ones with completely clear waters, sandy or pebbly sunny shores, imperative archaeological discovery, encroaching Byzantine and medieval landmarks and special universal settlements are holding up to be revealed. If you are desperately seeking to uncover lesser-known, unspoiled ends visit Leros or Pserimos. However there is dependably Rhodes and Kos, bigger and more cosmopolitan islands anticipating to offer you solid, and romantic memorable vacations.


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Crete is the biggest island in Greece, and the fifth biggest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Appreciate the remainders of splendid civilizations, enjoy superb sunny shores, noteworthy mountainscapes, fruitful valleys and steep gorges, and become part of the island’s rich gastronomic society. Crete is, nonetheless, a little universe overflowing with marvels and treasures that you will presumably require a lifetime to explore.


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The Ionian Islands

The calm atmosphere; the profound and cool ocean waters; the mountains; the lavish vegetation; the cultural legacy; and the happiness of the occupants, make the Ionian Islands the perfect vacation spot for a great relaxing and romantic vacations. What is more, the qualities of the Ionian Islands are flawlessly joined with an impeccable tourism framework, astounding hotels and resorts, restaurants, diving centers, ocean sports, social occasions, and a nearly infinite amount of sights, noteworthy landmarks and display centers worth going by.

Ionian Islands

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Bow shaped Santorini , the valuable pearl of the Aegean, is actually an assembly of islands comprising of Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni in the southernmost part of Cyclades. Santorini is recognized to be the most looked for after place for a sentimental getaway in Greece, since there are relatively few spots on the planet where you can delight in impeccably clear waters while perched on the edge of an enormous dynamic well of lava amidst the ocean. A trek to Santorini with the other half is a dream for any individual who has seen no less than one photograph of the island’s acclaimed Caldera and exchanging kisses underneath Santorini’s really popular dusk is a definitive romantic experience.


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Mykonos is the Greece’s most celebrated internationally cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed heaven in the heart of the Cyclades. Splash up the environment along the energetic waterfront and respect an armada of angling vessels throwing colorful appearance in the sky blue waters. There is an incredible selections of sunny shores for windsurfing; in any case, the most disengaged ones are recognized to be the best.Don’t miss the chance to treat yourself to some some local Aegean specialties.


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With its splendid green knolls, rich green valleys and uninterrupted line of resplendent vacation spots, Rhodes is sincerely a favored spot. Include the amazing tourist facilities, the island’s exceptional mix of cosmopolitan and universal, and various social and archaeological destinations and you’ve got the ideal vacation destination. Rhodes has one of the longest and most mind blowing histories of anywhere in the world.


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Incredible natural magnificence, sunny shores with clear as can be waters, unrivaled Byzantine trails interfacing villages and amazing scenes make Páros, spotted at the heart of the Cyclades, one of the best cherished vacations destination in Greece. Wander through delightful universal villages like Náoussa, a colorful village, where the vestiges of a Venetian fort stand at the passageway to its modest harbour.Sun-splashed vacation spots, for instance Chrissí Aktí, Santa Maria and Poúnda, welcome sun-cherishing guests who want to enjoy the crystal clear beaches.


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Known for its marvelous beaches as well as exciting contrasts island of Kýthera has been home to hosts of peoples and civilizations. Kythera is an idyllic place, where the magic of nature prevails and where dreams flow endlessly in front of the eyes of those who set foot here.  Visitors often fall in love with the island and decide to stay here forever, in search of a different life.Known for its superb sunny shores and energizing complexities island of Kýthera has been home host of individuals and civic establishments. Kythera is an ideal spot, where the mystery of nature predominates and where dreams stream interminably before the eyes of the tourist who set foot here. With just one look the tourist fall in love with this beautiful paradise in Greece and many of them decide to live here for rest of their life’s.


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Samos is an island of history and delightfulness. It is the island of the father of arithmetic, Pythagoras, the space expert Aristarchus and the rationalist Epicurus. Samos is a place of overwhelming vegetation. Everything around the virgin scene is made of colour and light. Every step one takes is a disclosure. Whether in the infringing mountains, for example Mt. Kerkis and Mt. Ambelos – with snow capped winter temperatures and perpetual drizzle – or in caves and gorches, the nature of Samos helps one to remember the Greek hinterland in miniature.


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