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Colva Beach in Goa


Colva Beach: Snapshot

Best time to visit Colva Beach:
January, February, November, December,
Colva is a beautiful beach of South Goa located in the coastal village of Salcette. Colvabeach is popular for its rustic backdrop which steals both heart and sight in the first view.The beautiful scenic beach is majorly visited by the honeymoon couples and travelers from all around the country and the beach is also a gorgeous destination as it combines with three beaches and they are Sunset Beach, the Baywatch Beach and the main Colva Beach. These beaches are somehow crowded and less crowded and the travelers can have fun here according to their moods. The village used to be very important for the Portuguese as they used to treat this place as a refreshing site from their daily lives and there are abundant of Portuguese ruins, houses, churches can be seen here. So the honeymoon couples can find this beach a great place for enjoying natural beauty and viewing historical reminiscence.

Activities for Couples in Colva Beach

  • Couples can definitely enjoy the beach activities and they can also enjoy various watersports in the Colva beach as the beach is especially known for its speed boats and jet skiing. The couples can also enjoy the best experience of parasailing in the Colva Beach.
  • Burnzam Ghor is a wonderful place where the couples can enjoy the historical beauty and the old architectural heritage of Goa and the place can really be enjoyed.
  • Colva Beach is also known for its awesome nightclubs and that is why it makes a great place for the honeymoon couples who are looking for energetic nightlife and can get full entertainment through these nightclubs cum pubs.

Best Places to Dine On

  • The Garden: the restaurant is a nice place to taste awesome Chinese, Asian and seafood and that is why the couples can have ┬áboth veg and non-veg dishes and they can accompany them with the drinks too.
  • Fishka: Colva Beach is also known for its famous shacks and among them Fishka is one of them where the couples can have nice and lip smacking Asian and seafood and among them the pork chops, brownie silver, shepherd’s Pie and many others.
  • Jamie’s Colva: this is a typical steakhouse and the couples can have the steaks, roasted chicken, sizzlers, chocolate fudge and many others.
  • Pinacolada Shack: this is a bar where you can also get to have bets Chinese food and the food is really awesome and affordable and you can also have fresh fruit juices if you do not want hard drinks.
  • Sandpack Beach Shack: this is considered as one of the best beach shack on Colva beach and the couples can have the continental and Chinese food here.

Colva Beach Nearby Attractions

  • Couples can visit the Dudhsagar falls which is also known as the Niagra Falls of India and the couples can really enjoy the dynamic views of the falls and also can enjoy fine trekking options. The place is located 32 kilometers from Colva Beach.
  • Couples can also visit the Loutolim Village which is a rustic beauty of the ancient Portuguese culture as the village shows the ancient architectural beauty of them. There is also another stunning place which is India’s first open-air museum cum parkland called as the Big Foot, and here the couples can see huge and realistic statues of Hindu Gods and goddesses.

How to reach Colva Beach?

Couples can reach Colva Beach from Dabolim Airport which is 28 kilometers away and the nearest railway station is Margao railway station which is 8 kilometers away from the beach. Vasco Da Gama railway station is also easily accessed by the couples through many conveyance options.

Best Places to Stay in Colva Beach

Soul Vacation
4th Ward, Colva Beach, Colva, Salcette, Goa 403708

Bollywood Sea Queen Beach Resort
Colva Beach, Salcete, Colva, Goa 403708

Star Beach Resort
4th Ward, Near Football Ground, Colva Beach, Salcete, Goa 403708

Hotel ColvaKinara
Near HDFC bank, Opposite Colva Football ground, D-Block, 4th Ward, Colva, Goa 403708

Graciano Cottages
4th Ward, Colva Beach, Colva, Goa 403708



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