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Jaisalmer: Snapshot

Best time to visit Jaisalmer:
January, February, March, October, November, December,

Jaisalmer romantic honeymoon destination is also famous for : City, Desert, Heritage, Lake, Popular,

Situated along picturesque Thar desert in the charming state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has transformed itself into a major tourist destination of India. Jaisalmer is flecked with magnificent tourist haunts that covers  the vivacious culture of this lovely locale. It is laced with beautiful forts, sacred shrines, stately havelis reminiscent of the yesteryear, rippling lake, well stacked museums.The land of the Golden Fortress, Jain temples, vibrant Desert Festival, the Tazia tower, the exquisite Patwon Ki Haveli, the lovely Badal Vilas- the glorious charm of Jaisalmer is inevitable. The romantic desert fortress of Jaisalmer is an exotic city in Rajasthan’s great Thar Desert. Jaisalmer, "The Golden City" rose to prominence due to its existence on camel trade routes. The area is barren, undulating with its famous sand dunes and slopes towards the Indus valley and the Runn of Kutch. The surrounding Desert National Park offers opportunities to observe blackbucks, desert foxes and chinkaras amid the rolling dunes, rugged crags and waterholes. Eye catching traditional attires, embellished with mirror of Jaisalmer markets are highly appreciated.

If you are planning your honeymoon and wonder what choices you have for a memorable honeymoon, Jaisalmer is the best option for you. Exotic beauty, paramount in historical value, pleasant gift of nature and Jaisalmer is at the epitome of beauty and romance.

Jaisalmer as Honeymoon Destination (Romantic Getaway)

Passion filled romantic desert sand dunes and the breathtaking picnic spot with majestic fort, claims to be perfect background for love making. The beautiful Haveli’s which were built by wealthy merchants of Jaisalmer are yet another interesting aspect of this golden desert city, couples must visit. And you can let your partners eyes caress the sloping sand dunes while you ramble your way in a camel safari. The desert citadel is truly a golden fantasy in the Thar Desert.The annual desert fair celebrated with festivities, camel shows and adventurous rides is a real eye feasting event for the tourists. Jaisalmer is a vibrant tourist location with number of mind blowing attractions such as Sonar Kila, Jaisalmer fort, many Havelis, temples and sand dunes. This medieval has grown into fame as a romantic gateway for exotic enjoyments and breathtaking views.

Why Visit Jaisalmer as Romantic Getaway?

  • Desert Culture Centre and Museum with bank of rich cultural heritage, craftsmanship and artistic knowledge, displays varied collections of traditional instruments, rich collections of ancient and medieval coins.
  • Jaisalmer fort, also known as Golden fort, having four majestic gates in its credit. All four gates, Akhai Pol, Ganesh Pol, Suraj Pol and Hawa Pol, are specimens of marvelous architectural style and craftsmanship.
  • Jaisalmeer is known as city of Haveli’s. Three of them are considered as the main haveli’s and they are Patwon-ki-Haveli, Salim Singh-ki-Haveli and Nathmalji-ki-Haveli.
  • Jaisalmer Fort, the golden fortress is located at the majestic Trikuta hills. It is also known as Sonar Kila and historical importance.
  • Jaisalmer fort encloses many marvelous attractions of monuments, temples and gardens.The Raj Mahal, with all pride of a royal palace constructed with marvelous beauty by the most famous architectures and craftsmen during the Royal period.

Best Time To Visit Jaisalmer

The ideal time to visit Jaisalmer is from October to the month of March, although the city remains bustling with tourists through out the year. If you are here not for mere fun but to try for adventures then Jaisalmer is worth visiting round the year.

Best Season: October to March
Summers: March to August
Winters: November to February
Monsoons: September to October

Sonar Kila in Jaisalmer

Sonar Kila in Jaisalmer

Sonar Kila in Jaisalmer by Pranav Bhasin

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    Nitin Says

    Jaisalmer is the real Rajasthan; it is a city which is in a palace. Jaisalmer fort is Rich heritage as the fort is really marvelous and mind blowing. This desert trip was absolutely amazing! A wonderful experience with Real Desert Man Safari that will never be forgotten! The camel men were great. They looked after their camels well and made sure we were comfortable and had no problems multiple times throughout the ride. The camp was beautiful. It was exciting to be sleeping in the desert! We had a fantastic time. You feel like king with your queen here. Great honeymoon spot.

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