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Romantic Beaches in Andaman, India

Home to some of the most pristine, secluded and exotic beaches in India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands are undoubtedly the beach capital of India. At times, this myriad of beautifully romantic beaches does confuse you in selection the best one of them. They are all so beautiful and serene that you just can’t resist their charm. Feel the love in the air of Andaman beaches as you visit here with your loved one for your weekend vacations. From swimming to sea diving to rejuvenating sun bath, the options are endless here on these virgin beaches of Andaman. Although, it sad to know that Nicobar Islands are not open for public and you can’t visit the Nicobar beaches. But the beautiful beaches of Andaman compensate very well for this.

List of Best Romantic Beaches in Andaman

Radhanagar Beach

As soon as you see this mesmerizing beach, you realize that it deserves every bit of the fame it carries. The Radhanagar Beach was ranked as the best beach in India and 7th best beach in the whole World, by Times Magazine in 2007. The turquoise sea water, golden sand and the soft sun shine bless this place into one of the most romantic destinations in India. Spread in a length of about 5Kms, the Radhanagar beach is a flawless charisma of nature. The place is completely isolated from any sort of noise and the music of rhythmic sea waves hitting the shore is as pleasant as anything. Come and visit this picturesque wonder of romance and serenity, with your loved one.

Radhanagar Beach in Havelock

Radhanagar Beach in Havelock by Joseph Jayanth

Elephanta Beach

Located in Havelock, the Elephanta Beach is just a 30 minute ride from Havelock jetty. This place is a secret paradise for adventure loving couples. Apart from its unparallel natural beauty and charm, the Elephanta Beach is also a place to experience adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling etc. The beach draws its name from the fact that many elephants swimming and getting trained in the sea are often seen here. Mostly untouched by tourism, the Elephanta is one of the most serene and romantic beaches of Andaman.

Corbyn’s cove

Just 10 Kms to the Southeast of Port Blair, the Corbyn’s cove beach is one of the most romantic places of Andaman. Flanked by beautiful coconut and palm trees, the place is blessed with romantic aura and serene ambience all around. Apart from being a perfectly romantic destination, this place has a little bit more on offer for adventure loving couples. The activities like snorkeling, scuba-diving, boating etc. is one on the prime attraction of this beautiful beach, for adventure lovers. The only beach resort in the city, “Peerless Sarovar Portico” is also just a stone-throw away from the beach.

Gentle Waves at Corbyn's Cove Beach

Gentle Waves at Corbyn’s Cove Beach by Sankara Subramanian

Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

Neil Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. In turn, the Neil Island hosts some of the most charming beaches of the Islands’ group. One such gem is the Laxmanpur Beach in the Neil Island. Nestled amidst the rich natural flora, the Laxmanpur Beach is a place of white sands, dead corals, shells and obviously the romantic aura. The evening views of golden sunset from this vast beach are some of the most romantic moments here, best enjoyed while walking along the beachside with your loved one.

Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Island by Ankur P

Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

If you fantasize of having that long romantic beachside walk, hand in hands with your loved one, the Wandoor Beach in Port Blair is just the destination perfect for you. Overlooking the Jolly Buoy Island, Wandoor Beach is a popular destination in Port Blair and also offers you with water sports activities like Snorkeling, swimming etc. Apart from this, the picturesque scenery and serene ambiance of the beach make this place an ideally romantic getaway for couples.

Merk Bay Beach

A place of beautiful white sands and clean blue water, located amidst the rich natural flora, the Merk Bay Beach is a wonderful romantic getaway for you. Since, the beach is located on an almost uninhabited island, its offers complete tranquility and moments of privacy for your romantic escape. However, you may miss some of the water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving here but surely you are not gonna miss the romantic aura and natural serenity at this place.

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