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Are You In Love? Check Out These Symptoms That Says You Sure Are In Love

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Confused about how it feels to be in love? Then let us explain you what love means. Love is a wonderful feeling that everyone goes through at some time or the other. You tend to focus all your attention to that one person who all of a sudden means world to you. There are a lot of signs that can tell whether you are in love or not.So we have listed few sure signs of falling in love. If you can relate to these points then you have found your special one.

10 Sure Signs and Symptoms of Falling in Love

You Feel Sleepless

The first and foremost sign of falling in love. You wake up all night, gazing at the ceiling and thinking of that one person. All of a sudden you have developed this new disease called insomnia. You start listening to songs late at night and that too romantic ones and began to think of you and your love in the lyrics of song.


You Just Smile

You smile to your own thoughts. A single memory of that one person can make you smile all your life. If anyone catches you smiling, they think you’ve gone crazy because you are smiling without any reason. But the fact is that you are in love. You just start loving one thing or others which makes you smile.


You Skip a Beat

Your heart skips a beat every time he/she looks at you. Every time the person crosses your way you are at high alert as you don’t want to show that something is going on in your heart. This one is the sure sign of your falling in love with that person. You want that person pass by you or you intentionally move on to that place from where he/she will go by, but as soon as that person walks nearer to you there it is you loose you heart beat.


That Person Becomes Important

All of a sudden that person begins to matter to you a lot too much. You can go out of you way to make him or her happy or to see a smile on his face. Love is the best thing that can happen to anyone it makes you more caring , you start learning to respect , your partners happiness will gain the importance over others.


You Become Mirror Friendly

You keep admiring yourself in front of the mirror. Your hair, your dress, your shoes, the way you smile, the way you talk, everything comes into focus. Even if earlier you very rarely go in front of mirror or you don’t care about you looks and clothes , but now you will start giving attention to you looks and clothes.


You Start Making Future Planning

You start thinking about your future, at times too far. Your dates, engagement, wedding, honeymoon and even children. Every event in your life is with that one person. This is one is the best part some people start planing even before they have proposed that person. You start planning and you start thinking like you will do this, your house would be like this, in the morning yo would do this and that and you will travel here and there and so on.


You Start Making Compromises

You don’t mind giving up a plan or an idea or even a habit because of that person. You are ready to adjust at every level of life, be it with big changes or small. If you are truly in love with that person you would certainly compromise for her even if they are bad habits like smoking and drinking or just working hard for you jobs and earning so that you two have bright future.


You Start Collecting Love Treasures

This is not so common in everyone but i used to collect so i think this might be one of the sign of falling in love. You will start collecting the memory token like wrapper of you first chocolate that person offers to you, or the first movie tickets or the rose or any flower that person gave you or any other item that relate to that person. You just start to collect these tokens.


Love is in The Air

Love is in the air when you are with that special person. Everything seems bright and beautiful. There is a positive energy around you. You feel happy and warm with them.


Special Love for Songs

You keep singing romantic songs. Every word seems to be written just for you. You can relate to the feelings that these songs speak of. At times you even stop the work you are doing just to listen to those beautiful romantic lines.songs

You Do What That Person Like

You tend to love those thing even you don’t like them. Like if you don’t like watching movies but you partner does you will start liking movies , if you hate cooking and your partner is a foodie you will start learning to cook . You will come out of your comfort zone and you would like to become the person he/she wanted to be with for lifetime.


Phone Addict

Technology plays a vital role in your romance. You keep checking you phone for a new message or a missed call. You never delete the messages that they had sent long time back, and you really don’t want to end the phone conversations with them.



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2 Responses to “Are You In Love? Check Out These Symptoms That Says You Sure Are In Love”


You Are in Love Than Harish Shrama :) . It is not necessary that all the symptoms must be in you may the remaining one would be true for you partner with whom you have fallen in Love.

Harish Sharma Says

and what if you’re only diagnosed with only few of those symptoms? I feel like I am only 50-60% in love then! :D

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