Best Honeymoon Destinations Guide

Top 5 Trendy Honeymoon Destinations

Last updated : Jun 8, 2016

Honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime and anywhere with your sweetheart is wonderful. We all want a destination that seems of to come out of a fairyland and fulfill our dream of prince and princess but are trendy at the same time. So the only questions arises is that from where should you start your happily ever after journey? This is a snapshot of places where you can spread your across miles and celebrate your new found love. Let the adventure begin.

5 World's Most Trendy & Honeymoon Destination For Couples

Dhow Cruise.jpg

Photo Credit : Masrur Ashraf

Dubai –

This city is synonym of abundance. Everything you see is big. Coolest mall, gigantic architecture, flower gardens, desert safari and exotic beaches make it a city that seems to come straight out of some one’s fantasy.

Why to go Dubai ?

  • See the Bird eye view of Dubai through Burj Khalifa
  • Go for shopping at the World’s largest mall
  • Take a scroll in the World’s Biggest Natural Flower Garden
  • Sail in the Dhow Cruise.

Greece –

the European city is like an old book whose charm never fades away. The splendid historical sites, beautiful Mediterranean beaches and towering beaches make it a picture perfect destination.

Why to go Greece

  • See the gorgeous sunset at Santorini
  • Vibrant night life at Mykonos is waiting for you
  • Relax in the village of Lindos
  • Watch chandelier like formations at Diros Caves
Bora Bora

Bora Bora –

Located on French Polynesia, Bora Bora is the jewel of the South Seas. Tropical climate and stunning surroundings adds the romantic charm to the island. No doubt because of its natural beauty it is often regarded as the Pearl of the Pacific .

Why to go Bora Bora ?

  • Experience Shark and ray feeding that is the most popular excursion of the island.
  • Jet ski tours allows you to appreciate the beauty of the island
  • Dive into the most beautiful lagoon of the world and greet the lovely marine creatures.
  • Explore the stunning views of the islands by hike or 4*4
Disney land  Florida

Florida –

jeweled with the best beaches, vibrant nightlife and lovely climate, Florida is one of the sexiest destinations that lure every honeymooner. It is an ultimate destination for fun and entertainment.

Why to go Florida ?

  • Feel like a prince and princess at the Disney land
  • Unwind all worries at the flawless beaches of Florida
  • Gear up for some adventure at the Everglades National Park
  • Visit universal studios
Italy Colosseum

Italy –

what can be a better escape then the City of Love? Standing as the gem in the romantic legacy Italy is the beautiful country. Luscious natural diversity, tempting cuisines and ancient arts, Italy is the mishmash of everything that makes it a true traveler’s paradise.

Why to go Italy ?

  • Take Gondola ride to explore the romantic city of Venice
  • Witness the stunning spectacle of the world, the Venice Carnival
  • Relive the past at Colosseum
  • Re propose your partner in the picturesque village of Gulf of Poets

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