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Most Effective Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Last updated : Mar 9, 2016

Traveling is an indeed expensive hobby and interest one can keep, but due to budget constraints people do not get to see the beautiful world and feel dejected. But there are some wise ways through which one can save money while on vacation and can enjoy in more ways through their trips. And it is a wise decision that if you save money in one trip then use it on the next one and that can be more joyful too. Right from your trip planning to ticket buying there are several ways where they can plan and manage the things in the best way where the bucks can be used for more other trips. So here are some best travel tips which will help you save money on traveling.

Best Ways to Save Money on Vacations


Save Money With Planning

  1. Always look for the internet first as through the help of the internet you can find some really nice places with the best discounts and deals from the travel companies through which you can save a lots of money.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the web deals then make sure to ask your friends and relatives as they can suggest you with some nice places and gain knowledge with their experiences.
  3. If you are planning to travel to two nations or states then make sure to find such ones that are located very close to each other like Malaysia-Singapore or Thailand- Cambodia, Paris-Amsterdam etc. which can save your huge travel expenses.
  4. Always plan your travel after knowing the place well, study or ask otherwise you may face unneeded expenditure due to your ignorance.
  5. Plan your trip in the off-season as it can save money on tickets, transportation, hotel bookings and roaming.

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Saving Money While Buying Tickets

Saving Money While Buying Tickets

  1. This can be one of the big expenses and a responsible task which you have to do before your trip and make sure to check internet for the best offers or airline or train tickets by the companies. If possible buy before 2-3 months as instant tickets could be pricey. And this can save lot of money while traveling.
  2. Opt for connecting flights as it may save your money and always look for the offers and make sure that they match with your trip plans.
  3. Always look to buy two way tickets as they can get you a cheaper offer as one way tickets can be an expensive affair and try to avoid them if you are opting for a single place.
  4. Ensure that you board the same airport for both round of your trips as you can save money with this step.

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Save Money on Transport

Saving Money on Transportation Part 1

  1. Many Tourist can’t save money while traveling due to transport cost. So Keep your luggage lighter as heavy luggage can cost you most while flying as the limit of the luggage weight per person should not be exceeded but you can reduce it and save bucks.
  2. If you are prone to shopping at the trips then keep older clothes as it will save your luggage space and you will enjoy shopping too.
  3. Emphasize more on booking a rental car as airport shuttles can be an expensive affair and you can save money through the fuel economy.
  4. Make prior reservations as if you opt for some travel websites who can provide good schemes and packages to their regular customer if you only travel with them. Through them you can also get bookings in the museums, historical sights and parks.

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Saving Money on Transportation Part 2

  1. Look for hiring small cars rather than large limos or SUVs as it may cost you more and try to pay with your card if it provides you with cashback on car rentals.
  2. Look at the pick and drop rentals and check them if they are with different locations they might you cost double so break your trip and plan wisely as inter-state or inter-country pick and drop can be a high-priced one.
  3. Travelling through public transportation metros and subways can cost you cheaper than private taxis and also do not forget to buy the passes as it will add more bucks to your discounts.
  4. For city trips go for personal driving as you can hire two wheelers or bicycles or car and drive yourself which is a money saving option.
  5. If you are on a road trip then fill up your fuel or gas at the cheaper or local stations on time before it runs out and in remote locations it can be a costlier one.

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Saving Money on Accommodations Part 1

  1. Always choose a hotel that is away from prime location but near to the main city or airport as it can save a good amount of yours. All you just have to go for a 15-20 minutes ride or drive and eventually you can really save some money for it.
  2. Look for the smaller hotels or lodges in spite of 3 or 4 star hotels which can charge you double from the charges of a smaller hotel and you can do it while your ticket and hotel bookings, and if you do not do so , always ask the local people for guidance.
  3. If you are looking for a lengthy trip or you are with large groups then it is always better to hire a rented apartment rather than to hire a 5 star hotel as it can be one fourth of your bills. These rented apartments are spacious and can be hired according to the number of people so if you hire a four bedroom one then the charges can be shared among your groups and can literally save a bundle of your cash.

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Saving Money on Accommodations Part 2

  1. Or if you are genuinely looking for a grand hotel to stay then book for suites as it can save your money. If you are two couples then despite of booking individual suites look for a suite that is having two rooms as it will be cheaper and you can share the bills for it.
  2. Call for the large hotel chains as they sometimes provide good packages for days and nights for the couples or for the groups and can also upgrade your current booking with the better options. These hotels can also provide off season packages that may suit you if you visit any country during its off- season.

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Save on Dining

Saving Money on Food and Dining Part 1

  1. This is one of the significant expenses that you have to make during your trip, but you can save good money if you spend wisely. Always pack your own food while you are on a road trip or if you are in the other country make sure to carry refreshments with you.
  2. If you visit in a lavish place make sure to not to dine on high profile restaurants every time as you can have a nice time having street food as places like the United States, Australia, Europe are popular for their street foods and they are far cheaper from the restaurants one.
  3. As you hire, rent apartments make sure to cook yourself as it could be a great fun and it can gradually save your money too.
  4. Try to have food before you go for the day trips as it can not only save you money but can also allow you to keep away from hunger when you have to look for any food for any price.

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Save Money in Restaurants

Saving Money on Food and Dining Part 2

  1. Plan your meals well as you can plan nice food from the streets or popular small food vendors rather than expensive meals in huge food chains. Try to have breakfast at the hotel room with ready-made foods such as bread, fruits and milk so that you do not have to look for food early morning.
  2. You should always carry your water and drinks such as coffee or milk (if you have kids with you) to avoid buying food and also carry sandwiches, fruits and food bars along with you so that you can feed your small kids whenever they feel hungry other than buying them unhealthy food.
  3. If you are on a budgeted honeymoon then you can take your darling for a candle light dinner once other than taking her every day, as it can save you money and also keep the warmth of the romance. Other than you can take here to the various food stalls that are found locally ,which can also be a treat for her.

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Money Matters

  1. Book online for bundle packs i.e. where you get travelling packages along with hotel bookings that can save a good amount of money of yours. Apply for the age or group discounts and if you regular book from online sites, then looks for reward points as they can provide you many things for free.
  2. Always carry spare cash with you other can travel package cards as it can let you free from any emergency in those areas where you do not get any medium or to pay small bills after food or car.
  3. If you cannot afford for overseas vacations then look for the best places around your home as the country you live also have many attractions which you have not even heard of.
  4. Make sure to exchange the currencies at the boarding place as if you are not sure about the rates as the exchange can make the biggest difference.
  5. Look for duty free shopping and ask for sales tax refunds and it can save a large amount of money, and do not forget to inquire for it.

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