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Asia Destination Wedding

Asia is a huge continent which lands the major countries of the world such as India, China, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal,and many others. Tour of Asia is a retreat for the tourists as the continent is having endless tourist destinations as well as great wedding destinations too. There are huge palace hotels, heritage hotels, resorts and beaches are found in Asian countries that become the dream destination wedding for the couples from all over the world and the couples can also choose according to their tastes and moods in the continent. If they want to get married in royal palaces then can choose India, beach weddings are grandly celebrated in Indonesia and other dynamic weddings can be celebrated in Thailand and Malaysia.

Why to Choose Asia as a Destination Wedding ?

  • Wedding in Asia will provide the couples the best experience of Asian wedding where the couples can enjoy the grand Indian style wedding, to fine Thai weddings, all of them can be done in Asia.
  • Asia is a continent where the couples from all over the world get a chance to wed in a royal way and the wedding venue can be the palace hotels in India or the gorgeous beach weddings in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Asia Wedding Destinations

The Danna Langkawi, Malaysia

A beautiful beach resort in Malaysia where the couples can get the best accommodations and the finest wedding arrangements that will take you to the height of luxury and spread romance all across the event and the couples can get the best views of sea and the stunning views can make your wedding one of the most remembered story. The beach is 2 km long and the stretch is extremely romantic where the couples can take their first walk after exchanging vows.

The Danna Langkawi, Malaysia

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The Pavilions Phuket, Thailand

Again a beautiful wedding resort which is romantic but the ambience is strictly made for adults and the couples who want a private wedding just with friends can choose this place as their wedding venue and the couples who are looking for a dynamic wedding destination like Phuket will definitely get the best experience where the couples will have the facility of the expert wedding planners who will plan for their wedding to make a chic and lavish.

The Pavilions Phuket

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Samode Palace, Jaipur India

The experience of lavish and royal wedding can be fulfilled in the Samode palace of Jaipur in India located in the state of Rajasthan and the charming palace is having a breathtaking beauty which actually spell binds the guests and the couples can make a lavish affair by getting married here.

Samode Palace

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W Retreat Spa and Resort, Bali, Indonesia

An awesome wedding venue in Bali where the couples can get the best wedding experience and the couples can have their first wedding kiss on the lovely beaches of Bali and the couples can get the best of the wedding décor and the experience of lavish wedding on the beaches of Bali and the couples cannot make this memory go out of their mind.

W Retreat Spa and Resort, Bali

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