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Reasons To Why Couples Should Plan Honeymoon in Singapore

Last updated : Aug 24, 2015

Singapore has recently grown into a hot tourist destination among people from all over the world. Many of newly wed couples from all around the world plan their Honeymoon in Singapore.The charm of this Asian country has started to sweep people off their foot. It is also getting a popular honeymoon spot among couples. If you need a location where you can enjoy a great nightlife, some amazing culinary delights and beautiful beaches then Singapore is the place to go. It is also an added benefit that it is a cheaper destination than the European ones and gives you a great deal for the money spent. Apart from this it is also one of the most developed nations of Asia and has some amazing modern facilities. Here are 9 points that explains why Singapore should be your honeymoon destination.

9 Reasons Why You Should Plan Honeymoon in Singapore

Beautiful Beaches

Singapore boasts of a large coast line and with the Sentosa Island in its territory it has some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches. And even he beach resorts in Singapore are of world class and offer great value for money. Thee resorts a egret for couples who are in here for their honeymoon.

Singapore Beaches

Photo Credit- lukema

Crazy Nightlife

Singapore is popular for its parties and a great nightlife. As the sun sets the streets of Singapore turn into a vibrant array of bright colors, emitting from the numerous pubs and bars located here.  Besides from music and entertainment there are a number of restaurants that remain open till wee hours.

Singapore Nightlife

Exquisite Relishing Food

Singapore is known for its street food which draws the foodies from all around the world to this magical place. But apart from the street food the fine dining scene of Singapore is as good as it can get. There are a number of Michelin star restaurants that have a variety of world cuisine to offer.


Beautiful Culture and Heritage

Singapore is a diverse nation as it has people living here from all parts of the world which makes it a truly global state. Even the heritage sites here speaks of its multi cultural lineage, visit the Malay heritage center, Chinatown or the Eurasian center there is a part of every place in the world located here.

Singapore Chinese Gardens

Photo Credit- Will House

Stunning Nature and Wildlife

Singapore’s great skyline does not make its natural side any less attractive, it may be the land of skyscrapers but the wild life has also found its place among them. Visit the the rainforests and wetlands for an undisturbed experience or just hope on to a jungle safari that will take you closer to the nature. You might even get a chance to catch a glimpse of a tiger.

Singapore Zoo

Photo Credit- Joao Santos

Value for Money

To put it in simple terms, Singapore is a destination that won’t require you to shell out thousands of dollars. It is a cheaper destination as owing to its liberal tourism policies, cheap flight and hotels. You can have a honeymoon in Singapore even with a modest budget.


Universal Studio

The universal studio in itself is a big reason to go to Singapore, fit is for the Hollywood movie buffs. The universal studio in Singapore is the only universal studios theme park in Asia. The theme park offers a number of rides and adventure, with its theme rides relating to some of the popular movies like Transformers and harry potter, you sure are getting a lots of fun here.

Singapore Universal Studio

Photo Credit- Yasunobu HIRAOKA

Shopping Till You Get Tired

Singapore is the best place for indulging in shopping. From street side shopping to the high end shopping brands, there is something for everyone in Singapore. For street shopping you can head out to little India, and the China town which have great deals to offer and if you are a fan of high street clothing head out to the ION orchard also known as the monster mall.

Wheelock Place, Singapore

Photo Credit- William Cho

Great hotels

The hotel in Singapore boasts of the finest facilities and exceptionally good service and that too at a relatively cheaper late. Book the honeymoon suite which is available in most of the hotels. The view of the city below from these multistoried sky scrapers is too good to be missed out.

SkyPark Infinity Pool

Photo Credit- Sarah Ackerman

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