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Add a Personal Touch to your Wedding with These DIY Ideas

Weddings mean a lot of preparation and hard work. Most of us begin with the preparations months before the wedding. There is always a need to put some extra effort to make this grand day celebration a huge success. But there are little things that can make your wedding different. Without much difficulty you can add personal touch to your wedding. Your guests will appreciate the idea and you too will love them.

Here are a few tips for making your wedding a truly personal affair.

Save the Date Invitation

Begin with the save the date invitation. Give it a personal touch by adding your pictures, caricatures or you can make a video of your love story and adding the wedding date and then send it to your guests.

Handmade Lanterns

Make paper lanterns that are easy to make. You can use these lanterns at your wedding for decoration. Add bright colors to it to make it look vibrant and dazzling.

Handmade Candles

if you know how to make candle then make few for your wedding. These can be used for wedding decoration and you may even use them as wedding favors.

Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

If you are good at baking you may make your own wedding cake. But remember to keep practicing it. You can ask you friends and family members to help you with it.

Photo Booth

Add a funky photo booth at your wedding. You can make a DIY yourself photo booth by collecting some props and decorating the photo booth by yourself.

Personalized Seals or Stamps

Get personalized stamp or seals to give your wedding a personal touch. You can use them on your invitation card, wedding favors, and lot of such places.


Crate a monogram for your wedding. You can put it on display at the entrance door and get it printed on handkerchiefs, invitation card envelopes, on your wedding favors, on your wedding shoes, you veil, and so many more places.

Wedding Bouquet

Make your own wedding bouquet. Add flowers that you like or go well with the wedding theme. You can add photo charms to the bouquet if you want.

A Unique Ring Bearing Pillow

How about a unique ring bearing pillow. Get one made or make it yourself. Add the wedding date and monogram to it or use something different to hold your ring like an engraved box, a sea shell, a wooden plank nicely carved, or you can make your pet you ring bearer.

Wedding Hangers

get personalized wedding hangers for the bride’s dress. Don’t forget the bride’s maid and get one for them too.

Customized Cushions

get customized cushion covers if you have a couch ad your wedding. You can even paint then if you are good at it. They will add beauty to the wedding décor.

Customized Wedding Favors

Get customized wedding favors like coffee mugs printed with the wedding details or wedding pictures, chocolates, soaps, candles with the stamp of the wedding date. They will give your wedding favors a personal touch.

Ring with Thumb Impression

Give the wedding ceremony a forever personal touch. You can do this by getting your thumb impression on the wedding ring. It looks romantic and will last forever.

Customized Accessories

 Get personalized accessories for your wedding. You can get engraved cufflinks, customized hair accessories, a customized bracelet and so much more.

Add Family Photos

Add a table at your wedding venue where you can place the pictures of your ancestors wedding. It will not only give it a personal touch but also have an emotional value.

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