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A Touch of Romance for Indian Wedding

A Romantic wedding is something that every couple dreams of. There are a number of things that will can give the traditional Indian wedding a romantic touch. Beginning with the preparations for the wedding to the reception at the end, all can turn romantic with some fun and innovative ideas. Here are a few things that you can add to your celebrations to make it romantic and unique. You along with you friends and family are going to love them.

Begin With Invitation

Go for a customized wedding card with pictures of bride and the groom. For a funky look, you can add funny cartoon pictures of the couple. This gives your wedding a romantic start.\

Match your Style

While deciding on your wedding couture the bride and the groom can match their style and outfits. You may choose a similar color or a similar pattern. You can also go for contrasts that blend perfectly with each other. If the bride goes for red, the groom can choose white or yellow to match.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Go For a pre wedding photo shoot. Choose a place like a garden or a historical place or a new city. Appoint yourself a professional wedding photographer and have a fun filled and romantic photo shoot. Make it a part of your wedding album.


  For the Instagram loving couples and guests create a hashtag of your own. Let your guest use that hashtag every time they upload the wedding picture. Instead of writing the bride and groom name at the entrance you can use the hashtag. For example write “#sonalrahul” instead of “Sonal weds Rahul”

Create Your Wedding Email

Create a new email id for the wedding. It can be helpful for you while sending internet invites to your guest. The guests too can respond on the same id and sent you RSVPs. Working together on your wedding will make things romantic as well as convenient.

Hearts for Theme

Hearts symbolize love so making it your wedding theme. You can put a huge Red heart at the entrance or as use it as your stage backdrop. The red color will give it a vibrant look with a touch of romance.

Guest Book

Make a super cool guest book with some innovative ideas. It should be so tempting that every guest is tempted to write something for you. Instead of making a guest book you can make small chits in different shapes and ask your guests to write on them and then drop it in the box lying next to it.

The Wedding Games

Don’t forget to make the traditional wedding games a part of your wedding celebration. The finding the groom name in bride’s mehendi or hiding of the groom’s shoes by the bride’s sisters or the game of finding the ring. They all add fun and romance to the Indian weddings.

Family Antakshari

On your sangeet you can plan a family antakshari. The groom’s friends and family on one side and the bride’s on the other. It is going to be a lot of fun when everyone is involved. You can even add dances to make it make enjoyable.

A video That Tell your Story

Make a romantic video that tells your guests how you met and how the how things changed. Tell them about your fist date and how she said yes to your proposal. This is cute as well as romantic and will make all your guests say ‘aww’.

A Photo Booth

A photo booth is fun as well as romantic. Let the couple begin with the posing at the booth and later the guests can also join. Install funny structures and frames that will make for amazing pictures.

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