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Craziest Wedding Venues

We all want to have a unique wedding. We dream of having a wedding like no one else’s. But some of us plan a crazy wedding venue. These venues are cool and add lots of fun element to your wedding. A fulfilled wedding at a different venue is a great idea. It is adventurous and the memories you and your guests have of this wedding will be a memorable one.

Here is a list of some of the craziest wedding venues that you will love.

Mid Air

Step in a hot air balloon and rise up to tie the knot. Getting married in a colorful balloon up in the sky is a unique idea. There are balloons that can carry 10-12 people so you can take them so that your closest guests could accompany you.


Imagine yourself getting married with snow all around you. Isn’t it amazing? Glaciers are another awesome place to get married. Because of the weather the couples as well as the guests need to be dressed in fur coats and crampons.

Near a Volcano

This sounds like a real adventure. You can get married on one of the volcanoes of the world. A lot of these volcanoes even have parks or gardens near them which also serve as beautiful wedding venues.

Roller Coaster

Marriages are like a roller coaster life so why not begin this life by getting married on a roller coaster. This will be a lot of fun as the couple takes the front seat and the guests can take the rest of the seats.


Rappel down the mountain or a waterfall s as to take the vows. This is a crazy and unique wedding idea. This adds a touch of adventure to your wedding and is a fun way to start your married life.


Corals, fishes, turtles, adorn your wedding venue when you tie the knot underwater. Getting married underwater is not only beautiful but also romantic. It is also a fabulous idea that your guests will remember too.


Give your wedding the greenhouse effect. Make the greenhouse your wedding venue. With so many green plants around you need not spend anything on the décor. This is a great wedding idea for nature lovers.

Top of the Mountain

Get married on the mountain top. Let the cool breeze blow through your hair as you say ‘I do’. The beautiful landscape will form the perfect backdrop for your wedding and make it a memorable experience.


Under the bridge or on the bridge is your choice. But a bridge wedding is a very different idea. A beautiful wooden bridge will serve as a cute wedding location.  In Brooklyn you can get married under the bridge at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.


Give your wedding a mysterious and gothic look by tying the knot inside a cave. This sounds crazy but is actually very interesting. In fact there is a bridal cave in Ozarks of Missouri which holds up to 2500 weddings every year.

Zero Gravity

A zero gravity wedding sounds fun. Imagine yourself and your guests floating in the air during the wedding celebration. This cool wedding idea is a little expensive but is worth the fun and memory it leaves you with.

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