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8 Fantastic Ideas for a Royal Wedding

Ever imagined yourself having a royal wedding? A grand location with fabulous dress and outstanding décor sounds interesting. If this is how you want your wedding to be there are a few ideas that will help you plan it. Give your wedding a royal and make yourself feel like the king or the queen. Make it a memorable thing not only for yourself but for everyone who is present there. Use our tips and become a part of the royalty.


The first thing you need for a royal wedding is a grand location. A castle, a palace or a historical site will act wonders. But if can’t find one then you can choose a huge hall or a museum for the grand day celebration.


Make the invitation royal. Use your creativity. Use royal colors like golden and silver. Go for grand colors like red or royal blue. You can even use some antique card design ideas. Check the internet for some royal invitation card samples.


Go classy while choosing your wedding dress. Ask your designer for some royal designs. If you are using accessories make sure they match your attire. Your trousseau should make you feel like a king or a queen and should impress your guests.


When you have the perfect venue, it’s time to make it look regal. Plan with your decorator on how to give this venue a royal look. Use antique articles, flowers, lamps to give it a royal appearance. Use right color combination according to the architecture of the venue.


Everyone uses the main entrance to enter the wedding venue. Make sure your entrance is nicely done. Give it a grand look because that is the first thing that everyone will look at. Use flowers and candles or lamps to decorate the entrance and the aisle.


If it is a royal wedding you need a royal exit for the bride and the groom. Get a horse carriage which the couple can use for departure. You can use pastel color flowers to decorate it. A black carriage would look best. You can even use vintage cars if available.

Star Performers:

To give your wedding a regal feeling you should also have some star studded performances. If you have a celebrity friend you can use his/her sources or else call on a famous music band or an artist to make your wedding glamorous.


The first dance of the couple together is often the much awaited event. Learn some graceful ballroom dance steps and practice them a lot for your wedding day. It should look perfect and elegant. Select a song that goes well with the royal feeling.

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