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Amazing Ways to Welcome the Newly Weds at Their Reception

Receptions are an important and last part of the wedding celebration. So the end has to be grand. There are different ways to make this function a memorable one for the couple as well as the guests. along with the food, drinks, d├ęcor and other essential aspects there is one more thing that you need to focus on at the reception.
How to welcome the newlyweds a dramatic and wonderful way?

Here are a few tips that will help you make the entrance of the bride and groom not only wonderful but also unique.

Pathway of Candles

Make a pathway for the couple to walk through and line it with candles. It will look mesmerizing. Instead of candles you can even use diyas or paper lamps. When the couple walk through this pathway it will look stunning.

Flower Shower

As the couple enters the gate of the reception venue throw flowers at them. It can either be done by a few people standing at the entrance or all the guests can line up on the either side of the e entrance and throw flowers at the bride and the groom.


give sparklers to all your guests and ask them to light it as soon as the couple enters the venue. It bright sparklers will look splendid and the couple will have a sparkling entrance.


Let the child in you come back. You can use bubbles to welcome the bride and the groom. They will look best if you have a day light reception. The bubbles create a beautiful atmosphere.


Use spotlight to give the newlyweds a unique entry. Adjust the spotlight as the couple moves forward. The remaining venue can have dim lights or can be totally dark and let all the light fall on the two prime attraction of the celebration.


Welcome the couple with fresh flowers or dry flower petals. You can even welcome them with small chits of papers with messages written on them. You can ask your guests to write a message for the couple.

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